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[solved Invisible ghosts and cant open .bin files

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Im sorry again for another post. The last problem was just a simple fix but this one I'm actually stumped.

Thank you Yagi2137!

I''m using the extended sample character to make my first mod, and the ghost is invisible. I've deleted everything in anim folder and re-compiled it, but the ghost file always comes back as Ghost_esctemplate_build and I have to rename it, while my other comes back as my characters name (Giggabyte). I rename the file and the game loads fine however the ghost doesn't show. its just floating lights. when I check back to the anim folder it has re-added the esctemplate file, so my anim file has "ghost_esctemplate_build", "ghost_giggabyte_build" and "Giggabyte"

Ive searched around on the forums and the a few things I found involved the .bin files but I cant open them. I downloaded a program called "Krane" from here but it does work, its just loads a black box for a split second and closes. when I try to type something it closes as well. the other post I saw on this topic involves a line of code that I actually cant find at all.

the other posts I found that did not have the best solutions:



Ive gone back through and checked all my spelling to see if an "esctemplate" was hidden somewhere that was loading a duplicate but I cant seem to find the problem.

I'll attach the mods files if it helps. Im in no rush for answers, though I would definitely like to know how to fix this since I do plan to make some characters for my friends who introduced me to the DST in the first place and I want to know how to fix it if the problem arises again. thank you a bunch!

[removed files]


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thats amazing! I used ktools to get to my anim.bin and build.bin and sure enough the build.bin was still named esctemplate. im using buildrenamer to change it an its saving, but I get an error when loading a game saying the file couldnt be found, and the game creates another esctemplate. so I at least know specifically what the problem is. maybe I can just tell the game to look for ghost_esctemplate_build rather than ghost_giggabyte_build.

EDIT: after fiddling with it more I got it working! thank you!

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