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  1. Hello! Im working on a new character that isnt afraid of spiders, and therefore wont have a sanity drop around them. I am using the line inst:AddTag("spiderwhisperer") (under master_postinit, got the code from webbers lua) to do this, and it works; there is no sanity drop. however spiders are not hostile towards the character. is ther any code that will remove the sanity drop but keep the hostility? spider still leave their den when approaching but dont attack, and just go back into their nest. Im looking for (I guess "Hoping for" is a better statement) for something simple to copy and paste, though if its a more complex thing than that then im willing to learn thank you very much for the help! if i need to post anything from my mod then I can.
  2. Thank you!! I used that and referenced Warthgritr's code again and got it working, thank you so much!!
  3. Hello again. sorry for all the questions..! this time Its not Giggabyte I need help with. I'm making a character for my friend, and she wants her character to have a small sanity boost when killing things. not just monsters but even passive creatures like bunnies and birds. I have googled solutions and came across: though none of these worked. I have also copied the code directly from Wathgrithr's(?) .lua but Im not really sure exactly what bits did what I was wanting and/or what i didnt need to copy and I got lost. I thought about copying the code: inst:ListenForEvent("onattackother", function(inst, data) if == "spider" then inst.components.sanity:DoDelta(TUNING.SANITY_TINY) end end) (from the third link) and just copying this for every creature in the game but that would take forever and would probably cause problems. Ive tried putting code in the masters_postinit spot, above that, under the line "local prefabs = FlattenTree(start_inv, true)" but nothing Im doing is working. I really just need to know what code I need and where I put it. any help is greatly appreciated! thank you in advance!!
  4. thats amazing! I used ktools to get to my anim.bin and build.bin and sure enough the build.bin was still named esctemplate. im using buildrenamer to change it an its saving, but I get an error when loading a game saying the file couldnt be found, and the game creates another esctemplate. so I at least know specifically what the problem is. maybe I can just tell the game to look for ghost_esctemplate_build rather than ghost_giggabyte_build. EDIT: after fiddling with it more I got it working! thank you!
  5. Im sorry again for another post. The last problem was just a simple fix but this one I'm actually stumped. Thank you Yagi2137! I''m using the extended sample character to make my first mod, and the ghost is invisible. I've deleted everything in anim folder and re-compiled it, but the ghost file always comes back as Ghost_esctemplate_build and I have to rename it, while my other comes back as my characters name (Giggabyte). I rename the file and the game loads fine however the ghost doesn't show. its just floating lights. when I check back to the anim folder it has re-added the esctemplate file, so my anim file has "ghost_esctemplate_build", "ghost_giggabyte_build" and "Giggabyte" Ive searched around on the forums and the a few things I found involved the .bin files but I cant open them. I downloaded a program called "Krane" from here but it does work, its just loads a black box for a split second and closes. when I try to type something it closes as well. the other post I saw on this topic involves a line of code that I actually cant find at all. the other posts I found that did not have the best solutions: Ive gone back through and checked all my spelling to see if an "esctemplate" was hidden somewhere that was loading a duplicate but I cant seem to find the problem. I'll attach the mods files if it helps. Im in no rush for answers, though I would definitely like to know how to fix this since I do plan to make some characters for my friends who introduced me to the DST in the first place and I want to know how to fix it if the problem arises again. thank you a bunch! [removed files]
  6. Thank you both for the replies! and that kinda sucks if spriter is useless like you said, Yagi. and IronHunter, No I havent changed any dimensions. I was opening the templates files, then drawing on a new layer and hiding the base rather than just drawing on an entire new for the pivots, I have no idea what that really is. I may have maybe accidentally pressed a button and messed something up if there are hotkeys for pivots but i doubt that could be it. the only thing i done in spriter was click the head, click the little dot that allows you to rotate stuff and rotated the head to be straight. and I think ive got a solution figured out: I tried replacing all the faces with the defaults from the template and I realized it wasnt changing; then I realized I wasnt deleting the zipped file in .anim so it wasnt re-compiling and loading the changed (I think). I can just re-position all of the faces on the canvas and tilt the head in the art program like how it was suggested before. Thank yall so much for the replies!! I'll start taking spriters preview as a grain of salt rather than a set thing. thanks again!
  7. Hello there! Im Chirp, and I'm 100% new to the forums and making mods for DST. With that being said, Im so' sorry if this post in is the wrong place, I know that can be annoying, and I'm also sorry for any of my ignorance when it comes to modding. I'm new, please bear with me, thank you! now, onto the problem: I'm working on my first mod now, my main character, a TV head named Giggabyte, and, well, I'm already having loads of problems with it. things that I wanted it to have cold resistance, weakness to rain and other things like that that would go in the .lua are not working, the name not changing when selecting a character etc, but that's all for a different post and I'm sure that's something I can fix on my own. No, this post is about the character itself: it looks different in game than it does in spriter. here is what I mean: In spriter: In-game: Now, the only thing that i have edited in spriter itself was the back of the head, since it is a bit crooked (and on the .png itself, its perfectly straight) as for the face, I drew in a different spot directly on the canvas. such as (Also, Im using the extended sample from dragon wolf leo): I have tried changing the placement of the face (on the canvas; I did not touch the face in spriter besides right-clicking to scroll through the different expressions), and even replaced the face textures with the ones from the sample but they are all still too low. I know I could probably fix this easily by just changing the position of the face on the canvas, reloading DST for every time I move it until I get it right, but that would take ages and, don't get me wrong, I know this stuff takes time and patience but that just simply can't be the right way to do it, right? It seems like there would be an easier way to do that or maybe I've done something wrong and its just some silly mistake that's causing it to be off-centered. what gets me also is the back of the heads tilt: it is perfectly straight on the canvas: and its the same spot on the canvas as the other head angles, though its only the back of the head that's tilted. I suppose I could edit it in spriter but that's what I did before, and it didn't save -even though I clicked save - and it's still tilted. I know its not a lot of information, and the lack of it will probably result in little to no answers, and that's fine. If I need to provide anything else like screenshots or anything I'll be happy to oblige. I'm also not in a rush for answers since I was just doing this as a fun little project for myself and if I can't fix it then oh well, at least that I can say I tried and appreciate a modders work just that little bit more cause it's definitely a lot harder than it looks. Thank you so much for any answers! and once again, I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place. Thank you!