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Can PS4 DST get mods? Or at most get a building snap grid?

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Building and other things are annoying in PS4, although I love PS4 we are limited to what we have and some of the building and placement is hard to do with a controller, PC has the opportunity to use mods that would help with simple things such as showing Boss health, or just simple making building so much easier and neater.

I have some suggestions at least to help with the problems we have such as:

•Please let us see boss health because it can be quite annoying when we don't know how far we are into the battle to be doing specfic things and we may be attacking it for who knows how long, although this isn't much of an issue because you can tell the phases the boss is in, it will still make life easier and I'm unsure how hard it will be but it seems simple enough.

•While secondly can we get a building grid placement option? When we build our resources down they look like a mess, my chest area is so terrible looking that I just started leaving them crooked and uneven because I get frustrated with how long and tedious trying to place everything perfectly is. I can waste 2 in game days just trying to place simple chest or resources when I could better spend my time doing other things, it is such a bother.

•Lastly please let us have debug mode or atmost just let us have the ability to summon things and build to our will, it may not be possible which is the least to my concerns since I personally only think of this as a dream and not something I'm completely thrilled to have in game, if it isn't possible that's fine.

Now those were all the suggestions I had I can't really think of much mods that would work in PS4 and don't know to much about mods to say much, but I hope we can atleast get these as features it doesn't necessarily have to be mods.

Take care - LongEnchalada 


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Try using the pitchfork grid to help you place your structures. Building in a well organized manner on console may seem impossible but it is definitely doable, just takes practice and creativity, don’t give up. Here are some of the things I’ve built On Xbox using the pitchfork alone. Good luck. 




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