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  1. Don’t know if this has been mentioned already but It would be nice if when something is mined or chopped using the pick/axe you get extra resources. Just a thought
  2. Recently felt like playing Wilson, wilderness removes your recipes and map knowledge when you die. This world has seen it all
  3. For those of you who play on Wilderness, I’d like to confirm that Corvus Goodfeather does indeed spawn without a postern.
  4. What does this mean for those of us who play on wilderness?
  5. Well established server at 400+ days and sadly there are no fountains of knowledge within the archives. Is there a possible solution to this issue? Friends and I would like to not start over, thanks in advance
  6. Were the skins you received from the trade inn Heirlooms?
  7. Hey everybody, thought I’d share a couple of the builds I’ve done over on console, enjoy.
  8. First of all, this update is amazing guys! Thanks Klei! Really digging the new skins especially Wolfgang’s. In regards to the upcoming QoL update, I would really like to see resources become more renewable. Resources like saplings, irreplaceable structures and turfs are first on my list. I’d be nice to get saplings instead of twiggy trees when world regrowth kicks in. I’d also like to see tropical/wild berry bushes get added to the world regrowth table for more variety. Marble structures should be craft able along with the kingly, queen and pawn figure sketches. I understand the sketches are renewable via tumbleweeds but the chances of finding them are still extremely low. Increasing the odds of finding them after being mined or making them craft able at the alchemy would be amazing. Turf is the number one thing I believe should become renewable, specifically rocky turf. I currently have a 5000+ day save in which I’m starting to exhaust my rocky turf supply. Pretty soon I won’t be able to expand my base any further. Base building is one of the main reasons for me to play this game and it makes me quite sad to know that I’ll run out of base building resources at some point. With the introduction of Wurt we were given a recipe for marsh turf, I’m hoping we could get something similar for rocky turf (all the turfs really). I play on Xbox so any mods are out of the question. Thanks in advance, have an awesome day
  9. Placing wooden fences or gates will crash the game. This issue began occurring after the Quality of Life patch for Xbox was released. *June 16 2020. Not sure if the other new items that were added cause any issues.
  10. Awesome update, huge thanks to you all! I noticed there was a change to the texture streaming system for the beta branch to improve performance. Was this also applied to the console update? There was no mentioning of it under the notes for the console updates, just thought I'd ask. Thanks again