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- rat bat (bratilisk)

the bratilisk (or rat bat) is a horrid scavenger like giant that roams the stalagmite territory consuming spitters for her own survival, while she is not scavenging she is resting or breeding batilisk’s to expand her territory with in the caves.

- diesel weasel

These shady inventors will visit the player And trade them raw items like wood, rocks and grass for refined items like rope, planks and cut stone. The diesel weasel’s don’t have a definitive alignment so it’s hard to tell if they’re constructed invention is either a gift or the players doom

- snow crone 

much like her sisters the crow crones, the snow crone visits the survivors for trade however instead of material want her offer is to make winter easier for them for the terrible price of a season long curse such as...

= hunger decreases faster

= take more damage from certain creatures (snow crone is not included)

= sanity is flipped 

= warm is cold and cold is warm (doesn’t sound as bad or does it!)

= bad food like monster meat and monster lasagna taste good while good food taste bad 

= time goes by slower 

= characters movement is slower then usual 

= weapon durability breaks faster

= everything wants to kill you (including rabbits!)

= everything loves you and will endlessly fallow you until the end of this curse 

= when you go to sleep you will have nightmares instead of dreams 

(these curses can only be applied to 2 people if there is 6 people, if there is 4 people then only 1 person shall be cursed)

and manny more... which will be expanded later on

If you don’t upset the cold temptress, she will not reappear in next winter 

- gator raider 

and out of the cold grasp into the takeover of the gator raiders. when spring finally arrives gator raiders will take shelter near pig king preparing to do a full out assault on the 10 day of spring, when they do finally go through with it they will eliminate most of the pig men and hold the king hostage preventing any transaction between the survivors and the king.

(I would get into infantry but dst isn’t a war game)

- eatle 

a small bug infestation that will try to consume your provision’s, provide that you don’t leave the ice box open to much or you have a nice fire to burn them with

and that was another and yet another concept, any questions :)


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