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- gramophone 

Once activated the gramophone will cause a increase the listeners sanity in a certain amount depending on how far or close they are from the gramophone, however if this machine is left on for too long it will cause a sanity drain and additional effects such as...

= night hands move faster towards a light source

= stage hand is now hostile 

= All nightmare creatures move faster and deals more damage

= if left on for 1 day, waves of creatures will approach to destroy the gramophone and kill the survivors 

- voxola radio

will give news about incoming weather and share secrets about the land such as which grave holds a certain treasure or which way is the lunar island 

- cricket bat

use to deflect projectiles 

- banshee horn

cause disruption in the world with the banshee horn, when you use the banshee horn all neutral creatures will go on a panic being oblivious to everything 

- player urn 

Hold on to the ashes of what was your fellow players bones to delay the ghost sanity drain (note it can’t be any other skeleton it must be the dead players skeleton)

- bird mask

blend in with the murder with the bird mask, the bird mask allows you to approach birds without them flying away 


and that was yet again another concept any questions :)


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