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Log Tailing and DST

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While I've been developing my mod I've been using notepad to look at server_log.txt, but this is inefficient of course. Is there a way properly log tail server_log.txt? For some odd reason, using the tail -f command on an ubuntu terminal doesn't seem to work correctly.

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I don't there's a particular "proper" way to do so, it's a matter of preference. I personally just open the file in notepad++ and accept the "reload the file" prompt when I believe something of significance has appeared.

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Yeah i also think (but dont know) that the file is not constantly written, so more updated in phases. Eg. i notice the file only change when i exit the current game. 

if you develop and want to see the server log you can start a game as host (alone and without caves). I think then you can see the log ingame.

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