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WURT NEEDS A BUFF (seriously, listen to me)

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Okay, I know that Wurt was released recently (not even a year), but, in my simple opinion, I think she needs some buffs. 
I know that every person who works in this game, works hard, and this is incredible. I really like Klei, I already bought other games from this company and I also bought skins, because I feel they deserve all of this. Asking for these things makes me feel like an idiot, but I think it’s worth the intention, at least try

I thought of some things that are very simple, she already has good perks. 

First of all, I do not speak english cuz i'm no a native, so...

Let's begin: (the last one may be overpower, but she can be more useful for teams)

*** When attacked, nearby Merms can defend Wurt by attacking the enemies. This can be available when there is a King Merm alive in the world.
          Why? Because Merms are better than nasty pigs. This is a way to prove that. DEATH TO ALL PIGS

*** Because of her skin, tools and weapons cannot run of her hands when she's watered -- already implemented -- and with the screams of Moose/Goose -- not implemented

*** When she's being watered, she gains sanity, but when the mark hits more than 20/25 points, she starts to losing it (too much water is bad)

*** this is kind a change, but the marks of danger (tentacles) can be read in red instead of white, it's bad to see in winter. 

*** Wurt can hammer down swamp houses without being attacked by Merms. 

*** Wurt can take Reeds with her own hands (or shove, but maybe don't make sense cuz anybody would do that) and she can put other place, but in the marsh biome. Or, maybe she can craft instead of moving. 

   cause i'm looking for the perfect Main character, and I think Wurt is the one (LOOK MY PROFILE ICON, I LOVE HER), I think she deserve more! PRAY FOR WURT sadface

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Agree with your points about merms attacking anything that attacks you while the king is alive and wurt gaining sanity when a little wet but not too wet.

I'd also like to see wurt able to craft reed roots or it be a drop from the merm king.

Wurt being able to completely spawn her own marshland is something i look forward to as I'm starting to use her more often. 

My only request to add to wurt is if a merm king is alive and there is a fire in the marshes the merms can kick/throw dirt/mud on the fire to put it out. By doing this, the merms can effectively be an unstoppable force from griefing because trying to destroy their homes aggros them but you can get away with setting one on fire or making a fire trail.

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