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My thoughts about sea stuff update

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This game has very small popularity also my friends that who played this game they dont play it anymore and most of them thinks new update is bornig not much feels fresh. In my opinion we need something new and mysterious for the game maybe ruin update or different game mode. such as less materials also items require less material different world generation shape and different bosses (hit and dodge doesnt feel epic). 

Vanilla ds has adventure mode that gives it a purpose additional to just survive and build something.

I dont really know what exactly what i want but i know we need some FRESH stuff

my english is not that good as you see btw.

well. instead of annoying emoji you can put your opinion down here

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In general- I have come to the conclusion that DST is supposed to be an easier more light hearted, less frustrating game then DS Single Player and it’s grueling Uncompromising Adventures Mode 

(Dont anyone dare try to tell me any differently because I literally just spent 4 hours of my life trying to recover my lost belongings from an overgrown Tier 3 Spider Den Blockade Maze thingy... and I had to wear Football Helmets, Multiple Log Suits, Use Chester as a Distraction, Rely on Abigail to pull spider Agrro while I burn down the Spider Dens... all in an attempt to recover the Teleportato Things that I dropped on my way through this blockade the first time.. WITHOUT those things I could not build the portal to progress to the next Chapter so- 4 hours of clever plotting, strategic burning, and a lot of hair raising close calls later I finally recover the loot and progress to the next chapter.. only to be treated with King of Winter.. fun.)

This saddens me deeply, because content that’s even the slightest bit challenging (outside of raid bosses) people seem to frown upon wanting added to DST for some silly reason.. It’s ALMOST like the Two games are two completely different Genres of game... that’s how Split Klei’s fanbase is over DS/DST now.

Yes the game clearly needs a good amount of new content, DS single player levels of challenging, frustrating, content... but I will wait until Klei adds that “Harder Difficulty Mode or a DST Adventure’s Mode”  in hopes of ever getting that.

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