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Perhaps not in the scope of QoL, but it would be a lot of fun to have some skins focused on base building

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We already have some great skins that enable more varied base designs, but they feel limited to a small number of structures- chests, scaled furnaces, crockpots, mushlights, firepits, the shadow maniupulator, and fences, off the top of my head, plus a few singular skins like the alchemy engine and glowcaps.

What I’m talking about are skins along the lines of the fences and chests- distinguished tier (and therefore relatively easy to obtain) skins that aren’t especially fancy but allow for a lot of variety and for better fitting into various different environments. 

I think people would be really excited to see more skins along these lines, especially since the clean sweeper opened up potential for naturally spawning items to be reskinned.

Some examples of what could be done are skins for the Hornucopia, Anchor, and Bubble pipe, walls, craftable turfs  (even reusing the assets from Hamlet’s interiors) or even naturally spawning turfs, pinecones and their resulting trees (imagine the Marble Bean possibilities!), ocuvigils and mooneyes, gems themselves, and so on. 

This is all to say that there’s a lot of potential for both elaborate elegant skins and for more simple distinguished palette swaps that I think people would be excited to buy/weave and use in base building. 

The cons I can think if for this idea are that the people that both can manage to and are interested in building aesthetically pleasing bases is likely a subset of the playerbase, which might be too much work for a comparatively small return for the Klei devs, although I don’t know how any of that works in practice.

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The Clean Sweeper Exists.. prior to it’s existence- I went around hammering down all pig houses and gathering the resources from them to rebuild them as Canadiana Skin pack cabins.

This actually costed more resources to craft then one pig home was worth.. but now with the Clean Sweep, I don’t HAVE to destroy the Pig Houses and can just simply Reskin them.

This is super important to note.. because I notice that the Clean Sweep has a Sweep Animation prompt for literally every single thing in the game.. enemies, crawling horror, pigs, Florid Postern, Tree’s..

Although currently using the Sweep animation does NOTHING to these structures but What if it did SOMETHING?

What if we could change the design or color of Beefalo Rug, Stone Wall, What Pigmen are Wearing etc... 

I suppose with the Clean Sweep simply just existing that ANYTHING is Possible..

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as a fledgling member of said subset i approve of the idea of more reskins of basic items. gates and fences and walls and floors<3 i mean, it isn't like there aren't oodles of mods expressly there to just give basebuilders more resources to work with. the shipwrecked turfs mod has 4,600 subscribers, the hamlet turf mod has 14,000 subscribers and turfed has 71,000 subscribers. those mods do not do anything but add more flooring tiles to the game and still they have so many people invested in them. surely there is a way to justify more diverse aesthetics additions

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