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Can''t upload my mod to the workshop! (HELP!)

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Hi! as the title says, it seems that my mod file isn't able to be published to the workshop, and i'm seeking for help.
i was able to publish my mod before, but then i deleted it because i had to start all over again... 
I'm working on a character mod!

my experience in modding and programming is practically ZERO, so, please, be patient if i don't understand a thing! (please please!)
(also, here´s a pic of the error it shoots to me)

Here i'll attach a link to my mod files, you're free to modify it/test it/or whathever you wanna do with it.


(also, sorry for my bad english!) 

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7 hours ago, rawii22 said:

I took a quick look, maybe try setting Reign of Giants compatibility to true since DST is reign of giants... otherwise, maybe you clicked on the wrong folder????

Nothing, still couldn't upload it, and i'm sure i clicked on the right file  


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try to remove this block completely


-- Not compatible with Don't Starve
dont_starve_compatible = false
reign_of_giants_compatible = false
shipwrecked_compatible = false

and expand your dst section to something like this, that you have all this three variables set:

dst_compatible = true
client_only_mod = false
all_clients_require_mod = true


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