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  1. Here's a new one!! https://accounts.klei.com/link/forgottenspool It expires in one month from 10/22/2020
  2. So either the code is broken, or files are missing...
  3. Hey, I have a quick question about the networking behind DST. (It seems like @V2C or PeterA talk about networking more than most devs) My brother and I made a mod that allows people to change client mods in-game, and it reconnects people back to the server. We do this in our modmain: GLOBAL.JoinServer(GLOBAL.TheNet:GetServerListing()) Before this update, the world didn't pop up a screen saying "Duplicate Connection" when we used this line. My question is whether you guys may have changed a check in the backend that we can't see (like in TheNet), because now our mod is pretty difficult to adapt... (We have a way of retrieving the server's IP address and using TheNet:StartClient, but we're still figuring out how to make it work properly since it has worked in the past...)
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661253977
  5. Yeah, you can check the prefab of what's doing the cooking
  6. Check out the keep inventory mod. It lets you keep your inventory when you die.
  7. It's possible that the function is being run when nothing is in the hand slot, so when it checks for handitem.prefab for the first time it won't find anything. Maybe you should put "if handitem then" before you use handitem...
  8. In the mods folder, make a new folder and add the code to a modmain. You'll have to copy a modinfo and change the data inside accordingly (fairly self-explanatory when you see it) and delete the configurations if you have to
  9. You can probably alter the COOK action (like this: GLOBAL.ACTIONS.COOK.fn = function(act)) and add an additional check. Store the original function to a variable, run your own check to see if the stewer's prefab is Warly, if it passes, do a delta to the act.target.components.stewer sanity, and then at the end (outside that Warly check, or else only Warly will be allowed to cook), call the original cook function so that it runs the rest of the code normally. I'll attach an example of something like this from my torch cooking mod. There also happens a be a speech adjustment in this file, that might also help you figure out how to make only Warly say something when the action succeeds. Also this file is fairly small, so don't worry about having to look through some inexplicably long file to find a simple solution modmain.lua
  10. Ok, well here's what I'm thinking. Recently, I've been working on a mod with my brother and when we got to the cave implementation, we learned a lot about how the game treats players when they are enabled. Any time caves are enabled, the host is treated as a client, meaning that the code will run on the server and may not affect any players... This changes how we use the ThePlayer since the game might not know who to refer to (I'm pretty sure the admin since they have console access). I don't remember an extreme amount of detail right now, but it's an interesting (and very very annoying) consideration when making server mods.
  11. Well your modmain looks fine, you're calling all of the image files. I noticed that your client_log didn't say anything specific about an error which I think can be considered good news. The only thing I can think of being wrong is image size or maybe you forgot something with the STRINGS section of your modmain. The game usually gives a description of the error, but if it just crashes that usually means the mistake is something simple.
  12. Could you post the client_log.txt and maybe the modmain just to see what's happening??
  13. That's going to be a little more involved, but you can check out how the star caller's staff works. It lets you cast a spell anywhere the mouse is on screen. Then maybe you can apply that to your character. There are a lot of people trying to do that sort of thing right now, so you can probably find a forum that talks about how to do that.
  14. Yeah you probly have to specify more mod details. If that doesn't work, then walk through every detail of your mod uploading process, this should really be a simple fix...