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Why can't Wolfgang load marble faster?

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Why can't Wolfgang load the pieces of marble faster using his super strength?

For example

When he is full of hunger he gets faster and stronger right?
Why doesn't he load the piece of marble faster? instead of -85% speed it would be less than 50% or whatever

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Since harsh crippling downsides seem to be disappearing completely, we may actually see “Wimpy” removed & Wolfgang only have a Normal & Mighty Form But to answer your question in a TL:DR-


Because he has Yet to be Reworked yet. ;) 

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he does move them a little faster when he s mighty. 

Despite being fitting he would go even faster, wolfgang is overpowered enough, and walter needs a purpose. 

Wimpy form is something that should def stay with Wolf in future rework, adds alot of depth to his healing mechanics, while also punishing newer players if they re low on food. 

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