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World Gen Settings and why we need more control over them.

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I want to start this post off by saying that I am a completely unbiased gamer, and as such, I want to bring ideas and suggestions into the game that benefits ALL Players of every skill level..

Things that will Allow YOU to choose how easy or how hard your game actually is.

I will start by first providing the following image pulled from DS Reign of Giants Edition for IOS Smartphones.


1-As you can see in this image players can make freezing to death during winter optional, allowing them the freedom to play and enjoy Winter exclusive content without dying of freezing unprepared for Winter.

2- players can also toggle rather they die or not on having a completely empty stomach.

3- Players can turn OFF Terrorbeak & Crawling Horrors

4- or turn Sanity management off completely..

The Top 4 choices are for NEW players to enjoy CASUALLY playing and enjoying the game without too much stress of death.

But option 5?? Spawning into the world with an ALREADY overall reduced Health Core? this is something for players seeking even MORE Challenge.. and somehow it’s not an option in the console game?

I have talked a great deal ever since I joined these forums about hoping that Klei will utilize this world customization menu to its absolute fullest potential.. But I don’t think I have ever went into great in depth detail as to what EXTENT I would like to see these menu’s be overhauled.

And I’m not just talking about additional world Gen settings like Archipelago worlds (Which lots of people seem to want)

I mean MUCH more in depth stuff.

You can currently turn off Beefalo, you can turn off Beefalo Mating.. so why can’t there be an Additional option added here that lets you choose rather or not you can Shave a Beefalo of it’s wool? 

This may sound STUPID but when I first started playing DS I thought the only way to obtain a Beefalos wools was through killing it.. it was only later that I found out that there were less life threatening hassle free ways of doing this.

However IF this option was added in it would make something thats become trivial In collecting winter hats a little more difficult in acquiring again.

There is options to toggle more, less, or NONE for Butterflies (the one food source every character except Wormwood and Wigfrid can Benefit from eating) 

But why does it have to be limited to the character I choose to play as for things like rather or not eating food heals me? 

Where is the option for “Does eating food heal HP?” Yes/No.

Butterflies could have more toggle for options like Heals Only Hunger, Heals Only Health, Purely Cosmetic, Random.

Then I could play as WENDY but with WORMWOODS Challenge of eating food not healing Me.

We can now host games where the weather season and season lengths are mad unpredictable chaos... but I want more then that, I want mad unpredictable times of day..

Imagine being able to toggle an option for rather or not Deerclops drops it’s Eye upon Dying 


Or if you had control over the structures players could build in THIS World you set up

“Can Players Build Ice-Flingo-Matic? Yes/No

“Can players build Bird Cage to feed Monster Meat to trapped bird for infinite supply of eggs?” Yes/No.

we have the option of making certain bosses spawn more, less or not at all..  But we do not have an In-Between choice of selecting if that boss has Higher, Default, Lower Health.

Players Abusing 3 Ice as Crockpot Filler? Toggle Ice off & problem solved.

The TL:DR-

THIS Menu has all the potential in the world to make this game thoroughly enjoyable for players of ALL Skill levels around the world solely based upon all these wonderful options they could Apply to their world prior to hosting it.

This game can be as Easy or as Hard as you want to make it through this Toggle Menu... 

”Your World, Your Rules”

(Please feel free to add your OWN additional Toggle Option Ideas here.. I would like to hope that with enough suggestions from people of varying skill levels that THIS will be the biggest thing Klei can do for us, because this makes the game thoroughly enjoyable for everyone playing regardless of their content skill level, or character choice.)

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Here is another example taken from Single Player Dont Starve-


Yes that is Spiky Bushs spawning OUTSIDE of their known Territories.. Simple toggles like choosing to have worlds spawn with ONLY THESE.. means that you lose a few health points to pluck them, but since regular Saplings/Twiggy Trees won’t spawn at all.. Losing HP when you pluck these is the only way your going to be gathering sticks in a panicked hurry (at least until you get enough to build some basic tools with anyway)

These small, almost meaningless things Are a Large part of what makes all the differences in the world when comparing DS Single Player to its sequel DST.

The amount of time that torches and burning stuffs durations will last for is yet ANOTHER difference between the two games, in DST burning a single Isolated blade of grass can sometimes (depending on the length of the night) be “just enough“ to last you through an entire night, Where as in DS Solo.. these fires will burn for a significantly noticeable shorter duration taking away that strategy of burning a single blade of grass to last you through most the night saving you torch, lantern or miners hat durability.

Imagine a toggle option for choosing if torches and burning stuff with a torch burned for shorter or longer durations..

I understand and fully realize that to overhaul these menus in this manor would take a lot of time and work, & in the end may not even be worth time and effort put into them.

But I’m wanting show some clear examples of how (without using mods) Klei can allow players a lot more freedom over choosing how easy or how hard their gameplay is.

When I play ALONE I want a grueling mostly uncompromising Experience where Weather Seasons are unpredictable and when I die I have a limited amount of time to find a resurrection slab or my world is deleted, but when I play with my less Hardcore Casual buddies- I have to toggle OFF Winter, OFF Summer, and basically turn the game into Autumn only, with None or Minimal Hound Attacks, with Endless resurrections at the Florid Postern Portal.

So I do believe that I have a lot experience with playing around with these world Gen toggles to directly determine how easy or how hard my current gameplay sessions are going to be.

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