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QoL Request - Critters Help the Player Pick Up Items

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As a player who regularly makes mega bases and long term worlds, one of the things that gets me by the end is the times where my screen is absolutely full of loot and items (one prime example is chopping down a large forest for wood) and after spending a bunch of time making items drop, I have to spend a bunch of time picking them up. Once in a while this doesn't bug me, but for constant upkeep of a large world with multiple players, it gets tedious over time.

I have always thought that the critters could help the player out. Currently there is no real reason to feed a critter besides keeping it from crying constantly (spare the mothling). My suggestion is to make an item that you can give to the critters / have equipped / have in your bag / use once for a permanent effect / feed to the critter once for permanent effect / whatever, to allow the critters to help pick up items from the ground to your inventory.

I think the item could be a combination of items that drop from end game bosses, for me the napsack always came to mind because it already looks like a little sack for pets to use on their backs, but combine it with a few other (potentially new boss drops) items and viola, new little backpack for them. [Note: I am no way requesting a visual representation on the pets for this item, though that would be cool]

Thought: Krampus Sack + Napsack = Knapsack? Putting the krampus back into the sack.

This would be a great way to give reason to players feeding their critters. They could loot at a good pace while their little tummies are full and at a very slow pace when hungry (or not at all, but if the items used to create this fictional knapsack were all boss loot, depending on the difficulty of obtaining them, I feel that would be a little too harsh).

Let me know what you guys think!

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imo that sounds a bit convoluted when there already is an amulet for speeding up gathering: the lazy forager. Since ud be willing to spend knapsacks/krampus sack on a feature like this why not farm dragonfly for orange gems and make a bunch of lazy foragers? 

maybe they could make the amulet refuelable in some capacity  

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It's along the same line of thinking honestly. If the amulet was refuelable in a reasonable capacity, I assume most would say with nightmare fuel, then it's basically the same thing as that. It just gives purpose to the critter hunger mechanic besides that. I mean, I merely suggested the addition of one recipe to make a new item with boss loot that already exists, and then use it to let critters gain an effect very similar to the amulet. Heck, my suggestion might as well be "allow critters to wear the amulet and let us refuel it with food." Honestly I forget the amulet exists because I don't bother with the maintenance. That's what it comes down to for me, a better way to obtain the same effect. There is no way you could make enough lazy foragers currently to have the effect up consistently while you play.

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