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Snurtle Mound QoL

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TLDR: It would be nice if Slurtle Mounds were a click-to-attack priority & it would also be nice if the max children of Slurtle Mounds didn't change every time the server was relaunched.



I like farming Snurtle Shells. However, there are two somewhat annoying things about acquiring them.

The first thing is that the Snurtle Mounds are treated as a hostile entity, while Snurtles & Slurtles are treated as neutral enemies. That means when you are farming for Snurtle Shells, the player will target and damage the mound when they did not mean to because of this difference in attack priority (even with a force attack, the mound seems to be of higher priority than the mobs it spawns, and sometimes even nightmare creatures when they inevitably spawn).

My suggestion is that mounds should have a click to attack priority, which eXiGe's was kind enough to do in their Advanced Controls mod. It would be nice if it was a part of the game, since not everyone uses this mod.

The second thing is the Slurtle mounds have a 50% chance of having the capacity to host either 1 or 2 children in that mound, but lack a save/load function to them. What that means is that when the server is shutdown, that 50% chance of having 1 or 2 children is "rerolled." This means the player has to constantly figure out which Slurtle Mounds has 2 children in them in order to maximize Snurtle Shell farming (2 children spawning means 2 chances for a Snurtle rather than 1 chance with 1 children). For this issue, I have one suggestions/idea, if its possible to do: 

  1. The simplistic route, which is that game should just remember which mound has 1 or 2 children to them and should just stick to that number to the mound. This resolves the constant changing of the number of children in the mounds every time the server is reloaded, which is very annoying. However, this solution has its own issue. If there are say 10 Slurtle Mounds in a server and only 3 Mounds have 2 children in them, that would be rather bad RNG that the player would have to live with.
  2. The more complicated solution would produce a more "fairer" result imo. Its essentially route 1, but with an additional step. That step would be to take the number of Slurtle Mounds in a world and have say 50% of them produce 1 children & the other 50% produce 2 children. So in the case of 10 Slurtle Mounds, 5 would have 2 children, 5 would have 1 children, which is better than what could happen as described above. It doesn't have to be an exact 50% either, it could just be some range, like 40%-60% or whatever. But I assume this would acquire more work than just a save/load function like in suggestion one (which is what I think is causing this issue in the first place). 

The reason behind suggestion 2 is because its the same issue we once had Malbatross spawns, where each individual shoal had a 25% chance of spawning the bird, but didn't mean that you were guaranteed a Malbatross spawn 25% of the time because it would be a roll on each one. It was eventually changed so that 25% of the shoals in the world would actually spawn the bird when sailing to them (I can find the posts if needed, and this was before the additional mechanic of fishing for the bird was made, but that's not really related to this issues stated here). The same thing is currently happening with Slurtle Mounds with the constant server reloading, and suggestion one would just make that a more permanent issue on the serer.


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I like how you wrote a half a page essay about the frickin snurtle mounds. Oh, I just realized you are the one with "an unhealthy addiction to snurtle shell" as James Bucket said :D. But seriously, if we talking snurtles, we need to be talkin Slurpers, those things are just too cute to be forgotten.

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