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more tutorials/vids please

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The first couple vids were entertaining, but also for the more obvious game mechanics. 

What really had me confused was the conveyor system parts, I had no idea how to make a functional conveyor or what the applications were for the sweeper until some trial and error building. The naming and descriptions for the sweeper, loader and unloader in particular are very vague. (such as I did not expect that it would act as a storage bin, I thought some mechanical interaction to storage would be needed)

The power system also could use some explaining, my instinct that current would follow the path and I could manage how much was in each wire was right out the window. Using the transformer to separate grids is not complicated but also it is not how electricity works IRL and I think it is worth mentioning.

I also think some tree of life kinda thing outlining what critters feed what plants and vise versa would be helpful. My first few colonies did not last long because I had grossly underestimated farming and ranching, and really the ranching success has been the result of a lot of online research. I now have a colony that hit the 1 year mark, but it’s long-term viability is still questionable.

space: anything? setting up a solar panel which doesn’t instantly overheat or get blasted to dust has been a surprisingly huge investment in time and energy. 


also as a side note some of my systems are getting complicated and i wish i could put sticky notes on them.

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