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Troubled Waters - barnacle farming and effective food uses

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As someone who plays a lot of warly, when I saw we got 8 new dishes I was very excited to have new food to play with! With new content showing up, the question of "how can this be used" comes to mind, I myself had 2 questions that I would like to have answered by more than myself so I can have a little bit of perspective. 

  1. What would be the best method for harvesting barnacles from the sea weeds?
  2. which of the new dishes appear to be the most useful?

as I was typing this, I was informed that shaving the seaweed at night with a razor is a good way to get the barnacles without being attacked, and should you choose to kill the sea weeds and transport the plants, the heads only should grow back after a full moon. Playing wormwood is a very easy solution but i'm not a fan of character swapping so I like these options.

personally I feel like the jelly salad offers the most as a rather cheap sanity dish for one honey, a leafy meat and some twigs for 50 sanity. But i'm curious to see if anyone else has some unique application of some of these foods.    

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