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Maxwell rework ideas

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@DrMcGillacactus has been on a bit of a crusade today to draft reworks for all the characters who don't have one yet, and he has entrusted me with both Wigfrid (who I already did) and Maxwell.


-Knows a lot about magic: As a former magician, and former ruler of the constant, Maxwell can craft level 1 magic items without need for a prestihatatator.

-Magically Inclined: Takes 25% less sanity drain from use of magic items (aside from codex umbra crafting)

-Still dapper!

-Starts with the Codex Umbra, but using moon glass and papyrus can craft the Codex Luna. Creating copies using the Codex Luna costs health and moon glass, said coppies do more damage and harvest faster but shatter if attacked, having much less health than shadow copies, making them less suitable for combat.


-Still Frail

-Using the codex umbra still reduces max sanity for a bit

-Using Codex Luna reduces max health for a bit

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