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  1. Looking at the general design of the area its entirely possible that we aren't looking at her house at all, but rather a wing of an opera house. This would explain the large portrait (possibly of whoever Wigfrid used to be) flanked by what appear to be posters of past productions, as well as the various props on the walls. Not that those things can't be explained by it being her house and her being an actor who's proud of her work, regardless if she's egotistical or not, I'm just here to present my own theory.
  2. Posting here to remind you to update these with your more detained ideas
  3. I respect that stance but I still feel that leaning into her method acting backround would be more interesting.
  4. I became inspired while talking to my half brother about the rework concepts he's making so its time to throw my hat into the ring. Pros: -Life and Sanity gain from combat remain the same -Flat bonuses stay the same, maybe up or down slightly -Is a method actor: Builds up expertise with a category of tools the longer its in her hands, allowing her to chop/mine faster, deal more damage and have an easier time fishing. Wigfrid loses expertise over time when he hand is empty or holds a different tool. The tool categories are: Melee weapon, Ranged Weapon, Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Light Source and Pitchfork. Pitchfork expertise allows her to scoop up terrain faster, light source expertise makes torches and lanterns burn out a little slower. Cons: -Can still only ear meat and animal products -Max hunger and sanity are still low -Is a bit clumsy: For the first half a day or so of building expertise with a tool she is worse with it than anyone else, weapons deal less damage (though still more than base thanks to her 25% bonus) it takes more swings to chop or mine, light sources burn out faster and fishing rods, shovels and pitchforks are slower. As with anything I will ever post, feedback is welcomed.