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[Novel]What the four season bosses have seen

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Hello everybody this is an unfinished novel written originally in Chinese. I appreciate this so much that I want to share it with you. Despite my poor English, I wish you could have an enjoyable time.

[Novel]What the four season bosses have seen


“I kill now!”

“Bang!” went a deafening thump from beneath the feet. The pig collapsed. A gigantic figure had risen.

“Ah, if days were back then, I should have been the bear everyone fears……Never so good as it used to be……” Bearger patting his palms, his eyes gazing at the broken moon in the sky……

Moose……Dragonfly……Deerclops, where are you in this vast world? Oh, have got to look for them lest I won’t be able to hold on……Bearger swiftly darted towards the woods. Logs falling straight onto the ground, wave after wave……

Boom, boom, boom. Aha, there comes again……Leif, you and I are old emenies, only that……I shall die one day……but you……can live again……

Bearger swung backward throwing a slap at Leif, but found it merely a tiny kid . Sigh……

Now, even nature has known it all? That I have been old……



[The Past]



“Hi! Drago! Look at these trees, think about it, if they are engulfed in flame, that’d be so very brilliant~”

“Such a piece of cake, wait a second!” Dragonfly forcefully hammered on the ground three times, and the woods went engulfed in flames……

“Oh, how beautiful! Isn’t it?” “I don’t think so, for the flame might blind the only eye that was left.”

He was Deerclops, who, in retrospect, was actually a little fond of chipping in with us.

“So what? You are everywhere with nothing but poor sight. Ah, you dare attack me!”

That was perhaps the best night we had together……

And then it happened. The thing……momomoooo! Moose? What happened?

“Bad news, run away as quickly as you can everybody, it’s full moon today, somebody had summoned a troop of werepigs, and they are marching towards here!”

I stole a glance at the ground, wondering from when such a heap of food was gathered, but not this time to wonder……

It was raining, as was our mood.

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“Some mere stinky pigs and what else? My fiery claws aren’t very forgiving.” The claws of Dragonfly burned bright.

“You Do Not please, at least for our sake!” Moose was flapping her wings frantically, signifying the gravity of the circumstance.

“Well, then Moose you, I’m sorry but, should it thunder, please lay some eggs to block those pigs.”

“Fine, brothers please run now and fast! We’d got killed for any delay!” Although Moose was guarding the front line, the sky seemed reluctant to thunders.

Nope……Moose’s strength, far from enough to withstand it……

“No way, I am angry, and I cannot put away with those pigs. Deerclops, Bearger, you go, I will catch up with you later.” “Dragonfly! Don’t do that for nobody can withstand them even if it is you!”

However……Dragonfly he……did not listen……

“Oops it hur……it hurts……” the snowy feathers of Moose were dyed scarlet, oh, and a breath of violet……

“You Poor pigs! I won’t let you bully my brothers!” There burned, on the ground, bloody flames……

Moose, one horn broken, was wound-ridden. Blood gushed from wounds like cascades……

It might have been over then……when, no, a figure was dashing near……

“Hah, bingo!”

Dragonfly was hit at the wing, so painful that he had his claws flailing at random directions, none of which landed on the targeted human……

“Aha, a typical animal! All browns and no brains.”

In his eyes there were frightful fire blazing fiercely: Dragonfly had flown into a fury so hysteric that burned to the ground everything he could see and that he had reached the temperature he himself couldn’t tolerate……

Perish……This word flashed through my mind……all right……perhaps? Dragonfly, failing to endure the humiliation, it seems, and therefore he was to…….

“Bearger……let’s go, human beings are unreliable……”

Deerclops dragged me away, and the world was left in flames and in the screeches and gasps of Dragonfly……

The fury of Dragonfly raged for a total of three days……

The entire pig village went into ruins, the pig king stared at the birches wearing a sentimental look, broken branches and fallen leaves everywhere……

I return there with Deerclops, silently watching the horrible hole on the ground. Knocked by Dragonfly…… “I daresay I believe, Dragonfly isn’t dead, that malicious human neither.”

“Why are you so assured?”

“If Drago were dead, there must have been debris or something on the spot. As for human, my single eye won’t lie, he didn’t get blown to bits.” “So……what about brother Moose……” I sobbed, asking unceasingly at Deerclops’s “eye”.

Deerclops scratched his head in considerable uncertainty, “She……maybe……didn’t die……”

Moose, our little sister……did you leave us?

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[switching perspective]

“Hi! Aweson! Didn’t expect you to be smart once or twice, no gains nevertheless, but we still get some taste of their personality.”

“Viking! How many times I told you not to call me Walson! Besides there isn’t no gains, isn’t the most powerful one arrested?”

“What are the talkers talking about?” from behind Willow grew an murderous aura……

“Calm down, calm down, if they know we have signed a pact with the pig king, it’s all over.”

Pact? The fireproof-rope-tied Dragonfly startled at once, is those werepigs under full moon just a part of the plan?


[switching perspective]

“Why, didn’t expect that……sacrificing more than half my pigs ends up with only one arrested……” the pig king murmured as leisurely as could be pretended as he flicked through some book, “While the other one was lost. Why, what to do……”

“Stop your hypocritical expression, tell me, what to do with the siege next?” Webber was out of patience. After all, spiders are much less than willing to ally themselves with pigs.

“Oh, don’t hurry, am I not coming up with ideas?” The pig king watched Webber arrogantly.

“Who’d believe it!” Webber pursed his lips, the small spiders behind him letting out haunting cries.

Webber serves as the “diplomat” whose aim is to discuss with the pig king the next move.

The Content of The Pact:

The four season bosses do evil far and wide, and have caused havoc. I the pig king now sign the pact with you humans.

1.Soilders are provided by me the king. 2.Plans are up to you. 3.If Webber can, please persuade the spiders. (Webber: You f**ked!!!) 4.Other kingdoms are welcome as long as they are convinced.

All in all, this may be a world war, or an encirclement and annihilation?


[switching perspective]

Oh, that’s the pact, all right, Webber has a hard time to go through, so by the way why didn’t you tell me this then? Wes’ gaze fell upon a reed paper.

“You and I are both powerless nobodies, anyway, I have nothing to do with the carnage in battles……” Wendy spoke in a feeble manner to stop Wes.

“Such good food to waste on weak pigs……” Wolfgang and WX-78 pouted to voice their dissatisfaction.

“In my opinion, biologically unsound guys like that may as well vanish the sooner the better!” Wickerbottom adjusted her glasses and said, “What penalty you criminals deserve for waking me up from a hard-won snooze?” (Wolfgang: anything’s OK but lightening……)

“Woodie, what are they saying?” “It’s better not to know.” Woodie appeared to be numb to his fighting.

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Chapter 1 The Circumstance of The Siege

So, where had Moose been?

Drip, drip, drip……

Drips of water dropping……

“Ah, that really hurts……” Moose compelled herself to look around while moaning, and it seemed that the ground wasn’t earth’s surface……

Unfolding her wings, Moose gave a touch to her head, and, yes, there was no illusion, the horn on the head, had broken completely……

What’s wrong with us? Why are we under siege? What we want is just trying to make friends with you all……

Gosh, spiders screaming? Cave here?

“Hey, hornless goose, it is I that risked death to haul you down here.”

“Who are you!”

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Chapter 2 The Circumstance of the Underground


Moose was shocked at the moment, and suddenly let out a gooseflesh-giving shriek. (Imagine how she honks in the game.)

“What the hell! Is this still an ordinary tentacle?”

The tentacle king thought that when did he ever provoke Moose……

“Heyheyhey! You shouldn’t take all the credit even though I’m smaller.” From amid the darkness echoed some clicks.

“OK, you win……” The spots on the tentacle king flickered, “O Queen under the ground, O underground party……”

From the darkness spider queen minced out with a “graceful” gait. “Ah, it is I that bored the hole that let you out.”

Moose patted her belly and forced herself to keep calm, “Then, what do you want?”

“Oh, we are here to help you, really.” Spider queen plucked a couple of fruits and put them on the head as ornament. “We are against human so of course we won’t help them. In case being cornered, these holes are meant for escape to the rest of the world. By doing so, you will take minor risks although you may separate.

“And what about you, tentacle king?” “I serve to merely drag you down. My plan is to watch and wait.”

Wonderful, at least we are not alone, are we?

Moose stood up wobbly, trying to leave here.

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Chapter 3 The Circumstance of Each Kingdom

Hound: neutral, dominated by one king. Army: normal hounds are the majority, who ventures first into battlefields. Ice hound: paired with fire hound, using superior power to die first, and the suicide of fire hound converts an enemy into an ice sculpture. Fire hound: paired with ice hound, as well as igniting an enemy after death.

Tallbird: aggressive, dominated by a deliberate tallbird. Army: normal tallbird as in the game. Small spy tallbird: specially initiated. Small spy tallbird are trained to detect the enemy. Ruthless tallbirds will command minors to combat if necessary.

Tree guard: So impoverished that their only asset is trees…… The unity holds conference for discussion. Army: three kind of tree guards as is known to all. But the population is thin. Opposed to four season bosses, Bearger in particular.

Spider: in cooperation with four season bosses, dominated by the queen. Army: normal black spider, jump spider, most basic ones. Cave spiders: in accordance with the game.

Merm: in cooperation with four season bosses. (The enemy of the enemy is friend.) Army: normal merm.

Beefalo: neutral, loathe Dragonfly. Army: population matters. Abundant population =you can do anything as you wish?

Bee: imagine killer bee hayfield. Dominated by the queen. Army: bee: spy when pretending to gathering honey. Killer bee: higher damage and loftier team spirit. Bee Queen: specially designed character, intended to be akin to Spider Queen. Opposed to four season bosses because Bearger brought the whole kingdom on the verge of collapse.

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Okay, finally reading this. I like the concepts but the story seems to be a jumble. It looks like you're either introducing Warbucks or Wheeler in the first chapter due to the use of a firearm.

This feels like a first draft than a piece that has been given a read through a couple of times. Maybe it's due to the translation as well.

The tentacle king should've been explored in a earlier chapter. I was kind of confused by their introduction.

Keep writing but you might want to rewrite this later with some restructuring.

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Chapter 4 The Arrival of The Demolition*

“Boom,” as the smoke dissolved into air, there was a giant hole and a fragmented  honeycomb on the ground. One walked close carrying some gunpowder, “Very interesting. But we will prevail.”

Moose, heavily wounded, heaved a brief breath and mumbled, “What a pity that there’s no thunder in the cave, my wounds wouldn’t heal itself.” At this moment, all of a sudden, a glorious light flashed by, when Moose got immediately heartened. “Thunder!”

“Thunderer, you must have been short-circuited again.” The demolition said. “Err…Maybe, perhaps…” Sighing, the demolition drew from his waist a strange sword which has a bent front and a straight rear. “Let me kill him.” “Oh, well, let it pass. We gonna kill spiders.” “That’s fine.” Gradually, the two receded into the darkness.

“Blech” the Spider Queen was vomiting mouthfuls of purple blood. “Would you consider surrendering, little Que, if you want to be alive?” “How do you know my true name?” “What?” “Nothing. No way to surrender.” “7-3-9-2-1-5-8” a chain of numbers rang out. As the smoke lifted, the demolition picked up the spiderhat, “Thunderer’d better not encounter the librarian.”

In the meantime, another Spider Queen leapt from a tier-3 spider den, “I am empowered with invincible force.”

[Wilson and his fellows returned to the tent only to find the librarian dead within, killed by the tentacle. The next morning a meat effigy burst and the librarian crawled out and said, “It was such a wonderful sleep that I should sleeptalk about tentacle……”] (Never mind :)

Thunderer stared at the rope that confined Dragonfly, “This is a 10.5dm fireproof rope for ice climbing. Even the old bell won’t work. Now, it seems…Well…”

Wigfrid was busy hacking randomly at spiders with her spear, “My spear is bloodthirsty!” More and more spiders deluged towards Dragonfly. “80…85…90!” Dragonfly leapt up hastily. One slap, two, three! Instantly the rope snapped off, its scales scattering everywhere. (damage=90*60*3) And then whole base was enfolded in a sea of flames, and the next moment icebound by the extinguisher, while Dragonfly was out of sight……” “Mission accomplished!” Thunderer send me(the demolition) a signal.

*the Demolition, Thunderer, Firy, Nalan, Fenz, Piggar are all mod characters. Their names are translated into English so that I cannot tell their origin.

On 7/3/2020 at 6:48 AM, minespatch said:

Okay, finally reading this. I like the concepts but the story seems to be a jumble. It looks like you're either introducing Warbucks or Wheeler in the first chapter due to the use of a firearm.

This feels like a first draft than a piece that has been given a read through a couple of times. Maybe it's due to the translation as well.

The tentacle king should've been explored in a earlier chapter. I was kind of confused by their introduction.

Keep writing but you might want to rewrite this later with some restructuring.

It is displayed in its authentic version. I'm sorry to tell you that the original story is this messy. But the story line will clear much more as we continue reading. No Warbucks or Wheeler involved. But there are some character picked up from mods. And thank you for your reply.

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Chapter 5 Temporary Escape(I)

“What a narrow escape……” Dragonfly muttered in a frustrated manner. However, this wasn’t his usual style. Why? Because he had never born such a shame.

In the cave.

The battle between Spider Queen and the demolition had been concluded.

Moose slipped a glance at the body out there, which was dense with monster meat.

“Will remember what you have done for us. I really doubt if we could repay.” Said Moose, her wings folding together devoutly, her head uplifted, her feet jumping towards where there was more light than darkness.

[switching perspective]

“Oh, NO!!!” Wilson let out a miserable shrill, “Wigfrid, stop fighting, Dragonfly has fled!!!”

But when Wigfrid came to her sense, Thunderer had already escaped. What she battled with was merely some toys.

“Striking news. The most useful hostage has fled…Now, maybe we should listen to Pig King and invite other kingdoms……By the way, call Webber here, tell him to pause for a short while.”

[switching perspective]

The long-lost sky, which I had pined for so long, was good, if it wasn’t grey-hued.

Even the innocent can be accused guilty……as a member of bosses, it is all too often and common……Moose craned her neck to peek at the surroundings. Abruptly a bloodshot eye glared back……

“F**k!!!Deerclops!!!One boss can be scared to death by another!!!” “Do you know it? Bearger he has been grieving for you for a dozen of days. Ah, by contrast I’m nothing more than a senior that nobody cares about……” “Is everyone…OK…”

This is intuition. This may be the best gift time has to offer, the bond between us has thus established……Wait, what about Dragonfly?


“My waist hurts……” “I’m sorry, my stamina didn’t allow me to fly any longer……”

Dragonfly recovered his wits and contemplated twice and uttered something that astounded everyone:

It is time that we separate……because if we stay together, we will confront the siege, this time 100% unleashed fire.

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Chapter 6 Temporary Escape(II)

Back in the day, it was my arbitrariness that induced our separation……

I did not plan to flee, and I retorted……

Dragonfly, being helpless, had nothing to do but flee early with Moose and Deerclops.

I did not know why the fatal mistake took place……

The army of bees thronged to me. While I was hysterically pounding the ground, my mind was so blinded by blood and honey that, unfortunately, ignored my rear……

The treeguard flung a slap at me, a perfect hit, landing precisely on my backbone. A massive gush of blood from the back, and the battlefield immediately in flood……

Leif was grinning icily, and it was the most blood-chilling expression I have ever seen. And he raised the vine……

But as I froze, waiting for the arrival of Death, a familiar and somewhat painful voice came through……

Chapter 7 The Screech

Opening my eyes with strenuous efforts, I saw at first glance a flashlight, and second a note, which I did not comprehend, but still I turned on the flashlight and ventured along a narrow lane……Wait, maybe I have dreamt of this scene. A screech pierced the night sky……

“Thankfully it is a dream.” I leaned against Deerclops, saying wearily, “Thank you for the rescue.”

The eye of Deerclops was cut by half……

Honestly, like a monster……

That day, Deerclops dashed to my rescue. Without hesitation he lowered his antlers aiming at Leif, which inevitably exposed his Achilles’ heel. And within a heartbeat Leif succeeded.

Deerclops let out an achingly loud cry, one of his claws covering the eye. And suppressing his pain with unceasing groans, he finally fought back with a critical strike. Dragonfly and Moose roared “Success Belongs to Us” as well, leaving the world in ice and fire……

Those cries reminded me of the human race in ancient age. Many moons ago, human can do nothing but grope their way in this world, and they shall trudge solitarily in the midst of moans of monsters……

Ah, our acquaintance, where have you been nowadays……

Anyway, on the surface, we are the champion; but actually our force was completely exhausted.

We, parted, till, today……

A destined war, the sealed fate, shall unravel its curtain, again and again……

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