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Wormwood needs something lategame

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so ithought wormwood needed something special lategame so i thought what about one of these two


1 something like a special placeible that can help him grow things faster in cost of seeds like what a bout a special gem that you can craft as a placeble , it will link to his backstory and can help himbecome a better food sorce that cant be replaced with the advanced farming plot

2 nature gloves? what about an weapon equip that lets him shovel up Anything(even normally unshoveble items and only he can use it) without sanity  loss

but the plant lasts for 1 day in his inventory before going to "wither state" when it becomes witherd it will take 15 sanity from him and give him a constant sanity loss that stacks with each witherd plant and the only way to unwither it is to use a compost wrap on it

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