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Is there a way to start the game with ashley?

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It’s not as hard to get a new Bernie as people make it out.. in fact you can even have one shortly after you spawn! I will put everything into a nice little spoiler just so as to not spoil something people haven’t figured out for themselves yet.


Getting Beefalo wool is super super easy, you will need to craft a razor, wait till they’re sleeping then shave them.

Getting Beard Hair is Equally Easy, craft rabbit traps, place them near their holes and then “Scare” the rabbits into running into the traps (if you have food you can bait the traps too) Eat some uncooked Green Mushrooms to drop your sanity so they turn into beardlings, go on a murdering spree obtain beard hairs.

Fast cook your green shrooms with your lighter to regain sanity

The only thing I struggle with as Willow  is obtaining the Hounds Teeth in creating Sewing Kits to repair Bernie with.

My luck with getting those from hound wave attacks has just been terrible Bleh..

Hopefully this informations helps! :) 

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