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Hey Grifters,

The first of the new promoted characters are in. In prestige levels >0, these guys start to creep into the game as drop-in replacements for the base character defs. We'll probably increase the frequency as prestige grows.

It will take us a while to cover a lot of defs, so we're starting with the common characters in Sal's story first.


  • Update the brawl structure to allow for switching home locations on the fly
  • Rook hangs out alone at night, and has a couple fewer quests
  • Back by popular demand. The following Smith Negotiation cards have been reworked and re-added to the pool:
  •     - Ad Hominem
  •     - Who? 
  •     - Refusal
  •     - Rescind
  •     - Know a Guy
  • Added force-mono option for audio
  • Add new level 1 advancement that spawns Promoted versions of defs with a 25% chance.  Currently, only ADMIRALTY_GOON_ELITEs exist.
  • Fix Focused Doom potentially being applied to targets without morale.
  • Bandit captains can be patrons in murder bay
  • Fixed bug where Discharge wasn't changing target_count correctly
  • Remove shadows from grouts.
  • Reworked how bottles are handled in Smith's combat
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to cards assigning their target_count in START_RESOLVE which is no longer possible
  • Let TARGET_TYPE.ALL target any fighter (although there aren't any such cards atm)
  • TARGET_TYPE.SELF with TARGET_MOD.TEAM should only target the card owner's team.
  • Fix crash when accessing cards that have upgrades, but no xp.  These two things should be decoupled, but can also happen if upgrades are added after the save was created (thus the original card may not have xp assigned)
  • Purple Haze is now: Whenever you play a card, draw a card and then discard a random card in your hand.
  • Update text for Formation to indicate it is removed when health is lost.
  • Fixed a bug with Admiralty Patrol Leaders occasionally not attacking due to protected allies.
  • Move target_ent lookup when handling Counter viz to closer where it is used (after delay) to potentially resolve nil access.
  • Fix crash when playing 'death' anim if the AnimFighter had no shadow.
  • If an explicit target is passed to ApplyPersuasion, use it and do not validate.  Fixes a bug which caused Double Edge to attack your own arguments if defended by an argument who returned false for CanTarget( enemy ) (eg. Airtight).  Any caller using a non-nil target parameter should ensure it is valid for its purposes.
  • Added the new Promoted Admiralty Goon
  • Grout burrs re-emerge in formation when new allies join to avoid overlapping fighters.
  • Remove an unnecessary queued idle that would cause a delay when using certain items or skills.
  • Fix the Serrated Edge also applying for any allies.

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