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Hey Grifters,

Here are a handful of fixes for experimental (including today's hotfix stuff). This is mostly to keep the versions in sync - we'll start posting the new update content in experimental soon.


  • moved zealot pose back a bit, to help with clicking in combat.
  • Potential fix for circular focus directionality.  Clear focus dirs when detaching a card from its arrangement.
  • fix quest desc in sal_brawl_win_the_crowd.lua
  • Fix sal_brawl crash
  • Fixed offset with combat drones fx animation, revised fleads shadow to follow the chest symbol instead of the hips, and fixed drone thrust dust to do the same. 
  • Fix controller reticule scaling and positioning issues that happen when you resize the window
  • Fixed bug where parlous_concept was checking for the battle item card flag instead of negotiation card flag
  • Slightly reduced the max XP of some of Rook's negotiation parasites
  • Fixed bug where Threekwa's Cautious condition would remove power when other fighters lost their defense
  • Fix rarity colour not being applied to subtitle text when picking Lucky Coins.
  • Fix hired members leaving at night even with the Loyalty mutator on.
  • Added nil-check to RewardUtil.GetBossCards
  • Move the parasite event to day 2 of Rook's brawl/brawl_util.lua
  • Set the act progression at the start of the brawl so day 1 boss rewards are given out correctly
  • Remove the Hollow mutator.  Add some backwards compatability handling for deleted mutators.
  • Parlous Concept can no longer improvise item cards
  • Moved Auto Tracker to Uncommon
  • Added the BOSS_FIGHT flag to the brawl boss fight
  • Fixed bug where the upgrades of fan_the_hammer were using OnPostResolve instead of OnPreResolve
  • Thieves Instinct now improvises 1/3 cards, as per standard Improvise rules.
  • Call In Kalandra no longer requires targeting
  • Fixed bug where the action loss from exertion was decaying instead of being a single time
  • Removed redundant "hit_mid" anim from lumin_darts and lumin_kunai
  • Fix Bog Coil description to indicate restored resolve is only equal to resolve lost, not applied damage.
  • Card text consistency: Use "Hits all enemies."
  • Remove redundant hit animation when Trig triggers.
  • Fix floating point resolve for Potential Enemy argument.
  • Better wording for Concussed description.
  • Fix Worn out having an invalid assignment for max_stacks.
  • Boosted Grunt is now 3-5.
  • Type-check card_list macro so string formatting doesn't crash.  Happens easily if localization files are out of date.
  • make sure an act_id exists from a save file before trying to access its data

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