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Hey Grifters,

We're focusing on fixes and stability right now, as we wrap up the changes for next week's build. I'm going to see if I can get in a new sal side job tomorrow, but only time will tell.


  • Adding custom Tutorial buttons to the main menu
  • set up clerk to oppose you if you rat them out in handler_admiralty_collection_day.lua
  • update sal_brawl_pick_sides so that you fight with any surrendered enemies
  • put the player marker behind the location markers, so that it never blocks clicks
  • remove felena from the generic name pool
  • don't let a guard that you dealt with in the smuggle event be the guard in the auction
  • Appropriated now incepts vulnerability instead of giving Impatience to the owner
  • Adjusted the difficulty of sal_brawl_scare_off.lua
  • adjust the difficulty of sal_brawl_scare_off.lua
  • Allowing users to toggle the active quests' visibility on/off independently of the screen
  • Splash targets hit Baits first, if possible.
  • Self-damage now grants 1-2 moxie instead of 0-2
  • Increased self-damage on certain of Smith's card
  • Auction changes:
    •     Quips when a new bid argument comes on board.
    •     initial auction item and bidder is added earlier, so arguments can target them. (this was the bug)
    •     One initial auction item, and at most 2 on the floor at a time.
    •     Remove damage intents; bidders can target auction items or your arguments (but they are weighted towards auction items)
    •     Bidders have much more resolve and scale in damage much more quickly.
    •     Add dialog for when the auction is over (no more items left)
  • add backup override to negotiation in side_at_the_crossroad
  • Increased damage of renown from 1/3 of stacks to 1/2 of stacks
  • allow figher hovering when hiding the card pick panel
  • Added three new Smith negotiation cards
  • Make the sound slider categories more obvious
  • Fix up the sal handler opinion events so that your actions are reflected in the card support in the auction
  • When the Conversation screen re-gains top, it gets scrolled automatically to the same spot as it was before, instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom.
  • Negotiation advantage vs Threekwa/Eonwe now gives Weak Point instead of actions.
  • Oshnu Glue is now Replenish.
  • Updating the Brawl progress widget
  • Renown now deals 1 damage for every 3 stacks at the end of every turn
  • Plastered now destroys the friendly argument
  • Reworked Renounce
  • Boiler is now Uncommon
  • Fixed bug where Lasting Frenzy wasn't retaining it's damage bonus
  • Added new Hot Air card + argument
  • Grist for the Mill: will no longer yield a graft as a reward
  • Beguile now listens in all decks, thereby showing it's bonus damage no matter where the card is
  • Static Shock now reduces by 1 each time you play a card.
  • Disrupt: Now reduces your maximum hand size by 1 for each stack.
  • Fix Marked, Scanned, and Ricochet not triggering on death blows.
  • Fix potential crash with animating menus. (repro: Click Tutorials while the pause menu is animating in)
  • Fixed two crashes caused by Stonewall and Turnabout

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2 hours ago, Kevin said:

Grist for the Mill: will no longer yield a graft as a reward


2 hours ago, Kevin said:

Self-damage now grants 1-2 moxie instead of 0-2

The description hasn't been changed yet.


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