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Questions about Cargo Bay in rocket

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I have installed 2 Cargo in a Petroleum Rocket with LOX flying to 10,000 km destination.

The following photos are captured right after the rocket has landed.

Both cargo bay are half full only (around 470 kg counting the 20 kg coal just offloaded to the conveyor belt)

I send my rocket with 379 kg Petroleum and 379 kg of LOX.

The destination does not deplete yet. 


In fact, this is not the first mission to the planet.  However, I didn't notice how full was the cargo bay they return in the past.  This is the first time I notice it land and I find out it is so strange.

Does multiple cargo bay affect the yeild?  Or any other factors affecting it?

Thank you very much!



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All planets have a Replenishing cycle (look at the last screenshot). You can actually calculate in how many cycles you can do a full load/transport. Basically if the planet is too close then you will get full load of the cargo only in the first trips, afterwards they will come emptier.

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