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Saved world disappearing

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So this is the second time that this happen with me. May 16th Saturday my world had almost 100 days, then I logged on and I went back do day 10 (witch I was on thursday).

Today one week later, same problem, I was in another world that I created today, and when I close the app and reopened hours later, that world wasn't there. Instead, on the same spot of world selection it was showing me a world that I had deleted yesterday (whitch I was dead), and I was alive on that world.

Please klei can you fix this bug? I already saw someone complaining on May 17th

Anyone had the same problem? I saw one post talking about this already.

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Everything is normal with me, I play, disconnect the server, close the application, and when I come back, everything is as I left it ... I maintain a large community of console players and I didn't receive any similar complaints ... maybe the problem may be on PS4  when saving 

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