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  1. @poxar do you usually use the rest mode of ps4?
  2. Yes I remember seeing the gears every daybreak. Also when I close the game I do it on the menu always after disconnect. Sometimes just to make sure I disconnect, connect again on the menu screen and then I close the app, or put the ps4 in rest mode.
  3. Yes on my case I saw it, every daybreak
  4. So this is the second time that this happen with me. May 16th Saturday my world had almost 100 days, then I logged on and I went back do day 10 (witch I was on thursday). Today one week later, same problem, I was in another world that I created today, and when I close the app and reopened hours later, that world wasn't there. Instead, on the same spot of world selection it was showing me a world that I had deleted yesterday (whitch I was dead), and I was alive on that world. Please klei can you fix this bug? I already saw someone complaining on May 17th
  5. Same bug with me second time that this happened with me this month
  6. @justinliew Its really weird because, works just the first time of each day, and not always works. So its really some kind of bug. But if I try right now connect on his account I cant. I keep trying everyday keep switching accounts until I get my daily gift, but sometimes doesnt work. Im really disapointed that I cant play the game anymore.
  7. My problem its the same as this guys above. Cant loggin, tried to clear and disable with the new buttons, didn't help. It's funny because every day when the first loggin freeze, I close the app and switch to my brothers account, there the game works (just in the first try) and I am able to get our daily gifts there. Today was the exact same thing, the difference was that when logged on my brothers account, and connect a 2nd player controler, my daily gift didn't pop. This was just an information to see if help you guys, please let me know if I can do anything.
  8. @justinliew this is where I am stuck. This is my klei ID KU_QyKzdZ4i .
  9. Im having the exact same problem, Im on Oceania as well
  10. My problen still persists, Im unable to login.
  11. I cant connect to klei servers on my ps4. This happened after the update