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Preventing sweepy from mopping liquids

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I've almost never used sweepy, save for some very basic situations.
I've recently tried to use it underwater and I've noticed that (I had no idea) it actually mops any liquid it encounters, with no limitation. It will try to suck an ocean if you put it to it. The problem is that this means that it can't work properly underwater: it will stop continuously to "mop" the liquid it is submerged into, then bring it back to the base. Once the base is full (1ton) of that liquid, sweepy stops working until the base is emptied, which means you are efffectively draining liquid and not sweeping anything else.
Furthermore, there are situations where I would like it to work inside liquids that cannot be removed, like a think layer of petroleum for cooling purposes.

Is there any way to prevent sweepy from interacting with liquids? May be a mod I wasn't able to find?
This behaviour seriously limits its usefulness.. A simple tick for liquids in its menu would be more then sufficient to solve it!

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