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Hey Grifters,

Here are today fixes and additions. The most interesting one is probably the brawl-specific grafts. They should make brawl a lot more exciting :)

Have a nice and grift-filled long weekend!


  • Add new quest: side_travelling_salesgrifter
  • Sal's Brawl now gives you an extra graft slot for the Brawl-specific grafts
  • Fixed bug with reuse
  • Handle the case where you've previously obtained a Deep Bog Secret during the bog event.
  • Fixed description of Veteran's Wire
  • Fixed crash caused by Twined Conquest
  • Fixed targeting on Bonded Elixir
  • Added brawl-specific grafts for Sal
  • Added a way to hide grafts in the compendium to prevent clutter from Unique grafts 
  • Fix crash auto-focussing a choice option in gamepad mode.
  • Don't nudge the bottom left button offscreen for the PeopleCompendium when viewing with streamer-mode right
  • fragmenter_plus now applies 1 wound and 1 cripple instead of doubling wound
  • Removed Enhanced Regeneration (pending rework)
  • Fix crash getting the player state string when not playing a current act.
  • Show argument damage in its feature description.
  • Add Evade floater.
  • Frontal Goad now only applies to your arguments, not bounties that may be incepted upon you.
  • Clarify text on Crafty+.
  • Update Fast Mode option description to exclude text, which is handled by Auto Skip.
  • Update brawl_pick_sides to be way more nasty
  • Automech Blaster uses a pre/post anim to avoid it from taking so long.
  • Fix inconsistency in Build Rapport upgrade card text.
  • Lowered Rank is now 10% reduced max health for allies.

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