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The correct use of Pip - Squirrel Wheel

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On 4/9/2020 at 2:59 AM, SamLogan said:

The correct use of pips is :


Oh yeah, i did it


The new Squirrel Wheel building:

  • Requires research Animal Control
  • Requires 200 kg of Metal Ore + 200 kg of Lumber
  • Power generation: up to 400 Watts

The efficiency of power generation depends on the metabolism of the pip and the calorie level in its stomach. Therefore, a tamed pip generates more energy than wild.

During the run, the pip receives the effect of +1 happiness and +100 metabolism. Provide your pips with enhanced nutrition.

Pip wants to start running in a wheel randomly, just like they plant seeds.

Pip will not start running in the wheel if he is hungry or glum.

Pip will stop running in the wheel to go about their squirrel-business - such as rummaging, eating, planting seeds, or if he becomes glum.

The baby version of Pips, Pipsqueaks, can't running in the wheel.


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