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1 kg algal fish, 8 fish in 6 weeks, 1.33 fish in each week

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这个模块可以节省大量藻类和筹集更多的鱼用更少的藻类。 我有另一个计划提高六个在同一时间,但这需要一个非常大的游泳池。






This module can save a lot of algae and raise more fish with less algae. I have another plan to improve six at the same time, but it requires a very large swimming pool.

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usual i let my fish comes through the portal and then they drop in my watertank under my base. with my other farms, i have enough to feed 10-12 dupes with surf´n turf. but nice idea! 

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14 minutes ago, psusi said:



抱歉游戏的中英文翻译不同,我用的也是翻译软件发帖,可能会有很多误会。Sorry, the Chinese and English translation of the game is different. I also use translation software to post. There may be many misunderstandings.

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