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old cliff falloff textures faded

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Kind of a strange one but maybe someone knows something I don't;

So when the Turn of Tides update was released, the old wave and cliff textures essentially became unused. They're still there, and there are some settings that let you turn them back on. But the old cliffside texture "falloff.tex" now fades away sharply into the lower Y axis, and hardly any of it is visible anymore, where it used to be visible for quite a ways down.

image.png.a207ade6ff37d441fddcda9abb6dedfa.png(ignore the green dot lol)

My initial thought was that they simply changed the texture and that I could just replace it with the old one. But when I checked the current falloff texture, it looks unchanged to me. 


This leads me to believe it's probably being done with some sort of texture altering code behind the scenes, and hopefully something that I could just undo in my mod, but I'm not sure where I would find it. (or if thats even the cause in the first place)

I know it's not any sort of fog that applies to any sprites below the Y axis, because other sprites I place down there show up just fine.

Anyone have any clue as to where I could find a way to undo whatever caused this texture to change?

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11 minutes ago, pickleplayer said:



Try messing around with this function? The caves prefab uses this function to make the walls fade away so it could possibly help with your situation, if you use it and set the argument as "0" that may fix it?

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