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a question regarding disease

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so, i started a new world. everything is perfect.  in fact, its the best world gen ive had in forever.......

there is a big problem.

i forgot to turn off disease!

i really dont want to trash this perfect world and never see it again. i'm wondering if there is a command i can enter every time i load the game to stop disease? or maybe something in the files that come from the world itself? i know there's commands/code editing out there to stop rain and edit hound waves, and i'm wondering if its possible for disease too.

if the answer is a definite "no" ill hide the thread, but for now i need advice.

or some way to get the seed of a world if there's nothing i can do. (it's possible, it's what people who've speedrunned certain things have said they do in their videos)


sorry for asking this i know it's kinda cringe

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Do this in the console. Make sure it says remote on the left hand side so its applies to the server:

TheWorld.topology.overrides.disease_delay = "none"

Then save the game and reset it, one line at a time:


It won't show in the game settings that disease is off though. To verify that disease is indeed off, do this after the reset:


It should say zero.

I just referenced this thread here, if you have further inquiries. 

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gem api has the seed feature, as firoborn said - this is nice because you can restart a world using the same map generation.  I have a list of maps that I really liked the generation for in case I want to replay them.  You can also mix/match seeds for topside and caves.

I think the console command works great because you're not losing anything, but it might be good to grap gem api mod to get the seed as well.

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