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Signal counter

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Am I the only one to find some weird stuff around signal counter ? (testing branch)

Standard mode (not advanced), set to 1, the out turns On when I switch the input. I turn the input off, switch on the reset, and the output is still On...


Set the counter to 1, and there's no way to disable the output since it's enabled once. Rolling over the input let it set at 1, and sending a reset signal bring it at 0, but the output is still enabled.

The only way to disable the output (if set above 1, see previous comment) is to roll over the input. It's awkward. I do not get how we're supposed to use them now.

The reset must turn off the output !

I had something similar in live branch. But weird as the reset was working for some sandbox saves, but not on others (tested between me and another player, he has the same symptoms).

And there's some other weird stuff around... I'm trying to isolate them actually, but seems to happen with some save/reload.


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