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  1. @Christopherus @DeepBlue I made a little mod to fix the issue while we wait for an official fix. I really needed this in my colony. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2093481090
  2. The issue is the TagNameComparer that is used in the FilterSideScreen. Since both entries have the same name they are equal and thus when the big one gets added to the SortedDictionary the small "already exists" and never gets added. A nice fix would be to rename the molts to small/big because this was always confusing in the UI. Otherwise fix the comparison logic I guess.
  3. I'm having the same issue. It will not pick up the 10kg variants of the molt.
  4. Thanks! I'll test it as soon as a new update is out.
  5. On the preview branch the output of the signal counter can't be reset anymore by sending a reset signal. In the previous version it would reset both the counter and the signal output but now it only resets the counter (if it's anything but 0). Using the UI on the signal counter resets it correctly but the only way do that via automation is to keep counting and then resetting the counter again. Maybe I fail to understand how it's supposed to be used now. The advanced mode is kind of a workaround when paired with memory toggle afterwards but I'd rather the signal counter behave as a memory toggle again like before.
  6. The problem for me is that medical packs don't stack, causing the same performance drop as with other items you guys described. Destroying the storage causes each medical pack to lay on the ground on its own causing similar performance issues when hovering with the mouse, albeit not as bad.