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This is a hotfix that fixes some issues that were found and fixed on Thursday. New fixes will be out on experimental later today. Have a nice weekend!

  • fix for being able to remove multiple cards for free by clicking the UI really fast.
  • fix for crash in the deck screen when you upgrade an earned XP card while another card is upgrading for free
  • fix casting on side_early_retirement so that you can talk to the target's boss, and then make sure the target dislikes you for getting them fired
  • handle some unhandled story paths in baron_crime_scene
  • Clear the resolve_queue when Adding Executes.  Fight's over.  This can fix a situation whereby playing Assault on Reckless Swing causes an execute card to be discarded.
  • Showing a "right-click to cancel" label when playing a card in negotiation/battle
  • Fix some focus/scrolling issues that are causing trouble with some devices
  • Fighter health bars no longer move sideways as the fighter's health goes down (this was pushing some boss bars off screen when you hurt them enough)
  • don't mark monsters as wanted dead in the partok caverns
  • flead larvae will run away if the queen dies
  • drones and shrooglets are explicit about running away from combat when left alone
  • Fix for potential crash when unzipping files on low-memory computers
  • Releasing a card with right-click at the bottom of the screen will no longer trigger the info popup.
  • Fixing the title alignment on the choose cards popup
  • stop music and ambience when abandoning a run
  • fix cast issue in objective title in sal_rise_outpost_entry_1
  • don't add an extra opinion hit when you save a friend from getting killed in an opportunity
  • fix dialog inconsistency in baron_food_fight
  • Fix Temporal Wire sometimes applying to enemy intents.
  • Making location info popups scrollable
  • Added a reload move to the foreman that they must do between each barrage
  • Sal's Roadside Market now stays open until a phase change.
  • Adding a hint to right click cards in the Card Sets screen
  • Update Shrieker descriptive text to consistent with Ocular Surrogate.
  • Fixed bug where multiple instances of Frisk wouldn't decay correctly
  • Fixed bug where Revolting Flead would cause Doubt to be unable to target anything
  • Fix descriptive text for Unstable Drone. It is reduced when receiving any damage.
  • Fix possible crash when retargetting a randomized-target attack if the attacker has Vendetta and the player has died.
  • Clairfy Head Shot card text.
  • Added the IMPROVISE_PLUS keyword and added it to the appropriate cards
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the size of improvise pools
  • Post-load handle invalidated quest state for Message Control, to recover saves.
  • Defer spawning day 2 jobs until talking with respective handlers, and force accept. This prevents some holes where you can invalidate cast members between spawning and carrying out the quest.
  • Fixed incorrect flags on Giant Stinger
  • Added a negotiation support card for the boggers
  • Fixed Smith's raw_power to only apply until the end of your turn or until the card has been played
  • Fix a whole bunch of typos

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