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Marble Armor Dragonfly Tank Query

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7 minutes ago, Kev-Clopse said:

How many marble armours would it take to tank dragonfly with a ham bat? Assuming the larvae are not an issue?

Depends on the character damage and capabilities. With Wigfrid I did it with 5, and using also her helmets and perogi. But wig also regenerates some health, resists more, and deals more damage, so on average for most characters it would be somewhat more than that. Only exception would be Wolfgang which would take less suits, but more healing/food.

With catapults (Winona specific) tentacles (wicker specific) or 15 merms (Wurt specific) backing you up, its gonna be a lot less, maybe even less than 1.

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Im going to assume you are doing it solo?
If so, you should be safe with about 2 or 3.

If not solo and rather doing it with mobs or other players, 1 is perfectly fine
(This is coming from a non-hardcore player and my own experiences on a public modded world, so take this with a grain of salt)

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