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Not so accurate list of hammer sounds

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So i decided to spend quite some time on doing a potentially useless thing which would be a list of sounds the hammer building makes when hitting stuff. I`d also try to highlight the more interesting ones.




Tile - "thonk"
Ladder - "tap" - kinda wooden
Fire pole - "dong" - metallic
Plastic ladder - "tap"
Airflow tile - "tuf"
Mesh tile - "tap"
Insulated tile - "tsh"
Plastic tile - "tak"
Metal tile - "ping" - pretty quiet
Window tile - "tap"
Bunker tile - "tap"
Carpeted tile - "tuf"

Pneumatic door - does a "ts" and an opening sound
Manual and automated airlock do have the same sound.
Bunker door - deep "bom" with a alight echo effect

Storage bin - "knock" sounding like hitting something empty
Smart storage bin - "pum" plus a a funny automation like effect
Automatic dispenser - sound of something moving inside

Liquid Reservoir - "bom" with a small echo
Gas reservoir - "bup"

Transit tube - "tok"
Transit tube access - "tsk" with an extra "ssk" after like if some mechanisms moved
Transit tube crossing - "dum" with a little resonance


Oxygen diffuser - "dong" with a "gulp"
Algae terrarium - "pssh" with a dripping sound
Deodorizer - "foosh" there is no hit sound just flowing air
Carbon skimmer - "bom toktok"

Electrolyzer - "sss" with dripping
Rust deoxydizer - "thonk"


Manual generator - "tsh"
Coal generator - deep "bong" with some "tsk"s after
Wood burner - a "tap" with some rusty metal sounds
Hydrogen generator - "tap" with a "pff"
Natural gas generator - metallic "bong" with a "tss"
Petroleum generator - deep "bong" with the sounds of a starting engine
Steam turbine - "tok" or "tsh"
Solar panel - long meachanical "bzzing"

Hevi watt joint plate - high pitched "ding"
(same for conductive)
No sound for wire bridges - or i can`t seem to hit them properly
Wire - "ziang" - different sound based on length
Conductive wire - electronic "zing" - different based on length
Hevi watt wire - deeper "ziang"
Hevi conductive wire - more electronic "zzz" and lower pitched than normal wires

Battery - "ting" - similar to normal work sounds
Jumbo battery - deeper "ting"
Smart battery - "tok" with a swirl soind it makes while working

Power transformer - electric "bzzt"
(large one does the same)

Electric switch - sound of powering up or down buildings
Power shutoff - "tok" with a little "bzzt"


Microbe musher - sound of making a mushbar
Electric grill - "tap" with a litle "tsh"
Gas range - heavy metallic "tap"

Planter box - "bop"
Farm tile/hydroponic tile - "ting"

Ration box - "tap"
Refridgerator - possibly sounds of it opening and closing

Critter drop off - metallic "ding"
Fish release - distorted "biuum"
Critter feeder - "tak"
Fish feeder - sounds of water flushing inside

Incubator - high pitched "ding"
Egg cracker -  same sound it does when cracking an egg
Critter trap - similar sound it does when closing
Fish trap - similar sound to thje critter trap but with water noises

Airborne critter bait - "tok"

After spending over an hour i realized how many objects are in the game. Making all those sounds was an insane task. Especially as each object has at least 2 different sounds it plays when hit.

I just did the first 4 building tabs. If you like it i`ll continue later.


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