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  1. Fertilizers are basically abundant. But you do not require any dupe labor to handle the plant and/or it's fertilizer; which saves a lot of time. Plants harvest themselves after a while which makes it even less efficient but you can simply automate an enclosed room. Bleachstone for example is quite annoying to handle. Automated waterweed would otherwise need something like the following to prevent off-gasing. Since i like to have a clean base with a bleachstone chest on priority 9 available at all times, i even have to make sure that the dupes do not have access to the farm. Otherwise they will circle the bleachstone over and over. Sadly the standard room height does not seem to work with pepperplants, they need one extra tile making it a 5 tile room.
  2. The textfile alone does not matter. However, debug tools (Ctrl-F4) are enabled until you either turn them off manually or close the game. So if you switch from a sandbox test map to your regular map without turning it off before, your regular game will get tagged as illegitimate.
  3. You are savages, just imagine what it would smell like to work at a "waste water" cooled smelter
  4. Also: destroying them with the sandbox tool leaves a solid block of the resource at the other tile for a very short moment.
  5. Both, mechanized and manual Airlocks generates 100kg of the resource that it is made of per tile.
  6. I already repaired the dock long ago but i was able to reproduce it on a test-world. Sweepy has to be in the state when it knocks on the dock constantly; battery empty so to say. A bug report has been submitted.
  7. The game crashes when you deconstruct an overheat-broken sweepy dock. TL;DR: I found out that sweepy apparently has to be in the state when it has no power left and constantly knocks on the dock. Deconstructing a dock where no sweepy has spawned yet or where sweepy is still able to roam around does not crash the game. I was able to reproduce the crash on my test-world after i repaired the original dock in my current play-through. I tested three situations in the provided save file: Test LU.sav The left dock has sweepy in it's "empty" state when it constantly knocks on the dock. Deconstructing this dock crashes the game. The middle dock has no sweepy spawned yet. No crash when deconstructing. The right dock was overheated recently and it's sweepy still roams around. No crash when deconstructing immediately. When you wait for this sweepy to be empty (~300s), deconstructing this dock will crash the game too.
  8. I think we just talk past each other. It was not sending a signal twice, it was just sending a signal when nothing has been counted yet. This is important for the checking routing to pass over to the next digit. How is counting zero not a valid option for a counter anyways? I get that the case where you set it to zero seems to be redundant because there are easier ways to do it in a static system but since it was a dynamical input where you can change the number basically whenever you want to whatever you want, a memory toggle is not working here without having to rebuild the whole part for the digit just to be able to use numbers like "1050". I have spend a bit now trying to rebuild it from scratch with different checking routines but without success. Maybe i am just overlooking something, i don't know. But this functionality seems to be gone. My point is just: It already was in the game and i think that this is a great way of using a counter. I am not the only one who used it that way. Maybe this post brings some clarification:
  9. As i said, i was using the signal counter as input array to control how much stuff has to be send. Tbh, i have no clue what the memory toggle, you all are talking about, has to do with that. In the screenshot you see these counters in the yellow box which, in this case, were set to 1.169 kg of Hydrogen (7x150+119 in the gas reservoirs). It worked perfectly fine with any number. Since "0" is not sending a continuous signal anymore, this simple functionality is basically completely gone because numbers containing a zero are not valid anymore and it sends endlessly.
  10. I'm on the same page as @suxkar and would like to see the "0 gives continuous green signal", like we had before, as an additional alternative option. Personally i used the signal counter, for example, as an input to set up how much you want to send over a pipe. It seems to be impossible now to set up numbers containing a zero.
  11. @Ipsquiggle Would you please consider implementing an additional checkbox option for the signal counter to work like before (giving a continuous green signal on the initial zero)?
  12. this also means that it is no longer possible to use the counter sensor to set up target numbers
  13. The graphical ribbon elements, wire and flange, are in some cases in the wrong color pattern. It only appears on the South-East connection on both live and testing branch. Wire 1 with flange 4 and vice versa Wire 2 with flange 3 and vice versa Having all four de-/activated at the same time is working properly.