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Vargs are way too overpowered, especially in the beginning. I had a great world! I just decided to go on my first hunt in this world (it's only day 15) I get a varg, and i'm like oh well I can just lead him over to the beefalo and he will loose aggro on my like a normal hound and then I can get some useless monster meat from him.

But no. I ran, and ran, and ran. Yet to no avail; even as I had a large amount of distance from it in the dark it still kept on chasing with it's hounds. So their should either be way less hound spawns or that it acts more like a normal hound, and that it looses aggro after some time. It should keep it's aggro for longer, but not forever. Also I think the hound immediately attack you when you attack the varg instead of the animals they were already attacking so that's extremely annoying.

Also on a side note, Time should pause when you open the map or press Esc when you are playing alone on a server with only one maximum player. Sometimes I just need time to think about what i'm doin ya know. 

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This game is about learning to deal with threats as they present themselves. Varg is a very intimidating and dangerous hunt creature to run into, but in my opinion, also the best. 

To deal with varg, you need to make a block of walls with one gap of free space in between. He doesn't fit through that, the same as koalaphant. Lure him into that and close off the walls and you have a trapped a varg safely and are free to do whatever you want to it. Farm it for gems and meat or kill it somehow.

When you're on hunts, have a bit of a plan to deal with what you find on the other end after the first winter or so.
Pan flute should be enough to pacify anything dangerous you find so you can prep for what you need to deal with it, you can bring a fire staff or ice staff for other hunt surprises, etc etc. 

Varg is ok where it stands. It shouldn't be nerfed because of inexperienced players not knowing how to deal with it.

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