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Perpetual steam power plant

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12 hours ago, lee1026 said:

>Eventually, it would yes, but it dropped at most 1.5- 2 degrees F for each cycle that passed. This is based off of the total run time of around 25 or so cycles.

Oops.. I thought he said it only dropped about a degree after 25 cycles total, not 25+ degrees after 25 cycles.  That's more in line with expectations.

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On 4/14/2020 at 5:35 PM, lee1026 said:

I don't think you should be mad at people telling you why your design isn't going to work; I rather find out from forum comments that a design isn't going to work instead of when I build it for realz.

The design wasn't exactly meant to work. All it was, was that I take random idea and see what happens. This is by no means to be used for anything else.


EDIT: The steam mass was in fact at 1000k, I went and checked the file it's in.

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