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Crude Oil Boiler directly in pipes

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When you have a matter state change in a pipe normally it breaks. But if the flow is divided by 10 (1000g / sec for liquid and 100g / sec for gas) it will not break because the studio consider that there's not enough matter in the pipe to break it. It was said by Klei, it's not identified as a glitch.

In fact, it's like air conditionner pipe, some water drops don't break the pipe, but a huge amount of water will break it.

As well, by using this, you can directly refine your crude oil in a pipe if you accept to reduce the flow at 1000g /sec :


My thermo senso has a good temperature captation 447°C for hydrogen and 450°C for the sensor, as well I don't heat too much my crude oil.

It's only a proof of a concept, you can use it for more complex setup if you want. :)

It also works for sour gas if you increase the temperature, you will have sour gas will go out of the liquid vent. :p


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Yes,  but usually that's not the tricky part. The tricky part is how to pump and cool down hot petroleum in order to do something useful with it. And sometimes how to do that for 10kg/s w/o using too much heat (e.g. counterflow heat exchangers to allow the use of a minor volcano as heat source).

BTW the transition doesn't happen inside the pipe, it happens just outside it. I mean if you heat 1000g/s packets above 402C, and then cool them down while still inside the pipe you get crude oil, not petroleum. It has to exit the pipe in order to change. Hence the problem of handling it w/o space materials.

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