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DST [EU] Tropical Experience | Endless | T.L. Works

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Welcome.. to the Tropical Experience!
Our service consists of a 4 shard/world network containing Standard DST, Shipwrecked, Hamlet, Creeps in the Deeps & Caves. Modded for extended player experience. The current slot capacity consists of 32 players and will be adjust accordingly over-time.

Targeted destruction (griefing) is an issue, and highly prohibited. But there will always be players who ruin it for others. Therefore most of the main objects such as Chests, Fences, etc. Are protected upon placement for yourself and players around you who are in-range, therefore you should only place your chests when either nobody or your friends are beside you. You can press the O-key in the game to adjust the secured items you have placed and add/remove players from the list. (The V-key can be pressed in-case of Beefalo management)

  • Please re-plant trees as we currently do not have prefab re-spawn management!!

We offer a small set of custom characters. We will not add any OP characters which would either make the player too strong or have a great advantage, all characters are limited in some way or another.

Upon Death you can either resurrect yourself through the use of the Portal (Default) or you can resurrect yourself throughout the use of simply clicking on a nearby fire-pit (This may or may not work, depending on who's fire-pit it is).


We recommend you check the mod section in the server details, this will already give you a bright idea on what we offer. Our server is mainly focused on a different type of adventure mode, made possible by the developer(s) of the mods Tropical Experience & Creeps in the Deeps. You start off on an island in the Shipwrecked environment on a journey to conquer the world and.. survive.


  • Explore all the tropical biomes and every corner of the seven seas.




  • Travel to all four different worlds through the underwater passway.


How do I play?
A few things you should consider before joining is that our server is modded and you are required to download these mods in order to be able to play. Due to this we insist you set your in-game settings to automatically download mods. This process may take a while upon joining depending on your connection and may freeze your game in the mean-time. We suggest you wait during this period to let the game fully load for the first time.

>>> Our Server can be found under the name:

DST [EU] Tropical Experience | Endless | T.L. Works

Our Server(s) are hosted on a dedicated machine and we expect no connectivity issues. Be aware that if issues may arise, you shall be informed on this in-game.

If there are ANY issues regarding access, mods and/or client issues regarding our Server do not hesitate to contact us as we'll be happy to help.



https://discord.gg/9asR2SD <<< The Discord mainly focuses around the game Terraria, though we will support DST and ensure that channels will be provided at a later stage.

All images are taken from the Tropical Experience mod, all credits go to the author.

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Reserved for future update(s) and/or changes.

[27-03-2020]::UPDATE LOG: Updated to version 401583
[27-03-2020]::UPDATE LOG: Regenerated to a new world with new settings.
[27-03-2020]::UPDATE LOG: Disabled the Sealnado until further notice.
[27-03-2020]::UPDATE LOG: Improved the starting area for new players.

[28-03-2020]::UPDATE LOG: Disabled Reign of Runts, Portable Crockpots (Modded Characters) & Weston.

[17-04-2020]::UPDATE LOG: Currently OFFLINE due to server renovations.

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