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Mr0idealistic    437

- mad cap

The mad cap will appear as a strange mushroom for you to pick, but as you try to pick it the mad cap will come out hit you and run away

if you kill it

you will receive the mushroom it was wearing on its head, which if you eat it raw will drain all of your stats but if you eat it cooked it will restore your stats

- varghest

The lunar version of the Varg, when it comes alive again to become the varghest it will have a new ability which allows it to eat its own hounds for health 

if you kill it

2 hounds will come out of its stomach along with some teeth and meat

- rock guardian

A rock guardian will try to destroy anyone who mines down rocks but will calm down if you place down a marble bean

if you kill it

it will drop some gems, marble, and rocks

- spikey tree guardian

a little weaker then its other kin, the spikey tree guardian will attack no matter what and can’t be reasoned with,

if you kill it

you will receive 1 living log and a lot of twigs and logs

- possessed meat effigy

During a full moon if you have meat effigy’s lying around they might be possessed by a ghost and will try to kill the player or wonder around, when the full moon ends the ghost will disappear and the effigy will stay immovable 

what happens if you kill it

the ghost will pop out and try to kill the player, additional items being 3 meat, 4 boards, 2 beard hair


that was another creature concept, anyone have feedback :)


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