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Taxidermy and voodoo magic concept

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- the taxidermy table

used for the sole Purpose of being god! The taxidermy is the catalyst for creating strange creatures to aid you in the wild

the contents of the taxidermy table consist of...

= hand bag

The bag will act as a companion based creature and will follow their creator anywhere, if the hand bag is in radius of a item it will grab it and bring it towards their creator and offer them it, if the player dose not take it the hand bag will keep it for it self unless if the player decides to kill the thing

once killed

it will drop everything it has hoarded and the bag itself will become just a bag and can be brought back if you stick into it some nightmare fuel

= clockwork boiler

the clockwork boiler will assist the player in combat by spewing out boiling water at the enemy’s, the boiler will also send out a heating effect cooling the player in winter but sadly must be turned off during summer

once killed

it will drop gears and charcoal

= garden snake

made of mainly plants, the garden snake will restore the players sanity and if the player is injured to the near point of death the snake will bite the player and give them health sacrificing its life for their creator

once killed by a creature or the player

it will drop a bunch of flowers, honey, and some live insect,

= voodoo jinx doll

once the doll is created, you must then equip the doll and cast the curse on the enemy you want killed, then in a safe distance you can stab at the doll dealing damage at a safe distance without doing any dirty work, however once you kill the creature the doll will break 

= jinx needle

but the only way to cast the curse Is with the help of the jinx needles

= snowman

a creature entirely made of snow, the creature will aid you in combat and will freeze your enemy’s for your convenience, but he won’t last long coming the time of spring

once killed

will drop ice or if it was killed by spring it will drop nothing then a pond of water

= birdboon 

a mixture of a monkey and a bird, the birdboon will scratch at the players enemy’s and will act as a annoying distraction, creator beware that birdboon are very greedy and will take items from you if your just leaving them on the ground

once killed

it will drop what ever it was hoarding with feathers and meat

= foul owl

a creature that will produce eggs if it was feed cooked food or it could produce 4 eggs if giving a crockpot recipe 

ponce killed 

it might drop a couple of eggs with a side of feathers

= batter fly

the batter fly will attack the enemy creature stealing their health and will proceed to give their creator the stolen health

once killed 

it will drop 2 bat wings, a nightmare flower

= parrot

designed to annoy the hell out of enemy creatures distracting them while you give the enemy creature damage

once killed

the parrot will drop a one man band, and feathers

:additional note: these creatures will only attack With you if you attack a enemy creature and will follow you always even if your fleeing a fight

That’s my taxidermy and voodoo concept, if anyone have any questions I will gladly answer them :)


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On 2020-03-24 at 8:03 PM, __IvoCZE__ said:

Isn't taxidermy just the action where you embalm an animal (presumably dead) and stuff it to make a static statue of it?

Yeah, thinking about it I think this might be just a cruel version of science then actual taxidermy 

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