Twich drops didn't drop on PS4

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Haurenos    1
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I have a problem with Don't Starve Together Twich Drops, also 

So i conected my PS4 account with my Klei and Twitch accounts and I verified the email and it said that everything is set. I got the glass eyebrella before but this time i didn't get the crystal wardrobe. The streamers drops were on on and I watched the stream for eight hours. I also bought the ice flingomatic skin with points and I haven't got it too.

I sent a ticket but i got a automated response directing me to the forums so if someone knows how to fix this please tell me.

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JanH    6,943

Hey there, if you are having trouble with Twitch drops, please see our support page regarding this: https://support.klei.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037394452-Earned-Twitch-Drops-are-not-showing-up-in-Don-t-Starve-Together

@HaurenosIf the issue persists after following the steps in the link above, as stated on the automated reply - please reply directly to the automated email response to confirm you need human help, we will always get back to you within 24-48 hours depending support load. 

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