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[Game Update] - 399948

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Since I've updated the game, I'm experimenting audio problems. Some sound effects are distorted, truncated, etc. After a while (sometime a very little while), the system freezes. I'm using it almost only to play ONI, and the only thing I've changed is the update of the game. I've tried watching youtube videos, as long as the game is not running I see no problems at all. I've already tried the 'check file integrity of local files' option on Steam. I know it's weird but that's what's happening.

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Update: I can confirm it's happening consistently. This morning after a few minutes (so that rules out temperature/stress related problems).

Then I've tried on Linux (Lutris), the game was playable in the past. It freezes (the display at least) even there. Sometimes I can still hear background music playing (both Win and Linux). This rules out any OS related problem.

Full bug report here: 


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