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The clock work king and the clockwork queen

This is a idea I had for some time now but now I’m able to share it with the rest of you and so, here it goes

as you spawn in the world, three new structures will appear 

the first one is called “throne” which will appear in a clockwork ruin

the other one is called “rose vase” which will appear in a circle of roses much like the stage hand

and the “hand thing” which will appear in near the pig king 

- How to summon the clockwork king

carry the hand thing to the throne And place it, the hand will be sitting on the throne

then sculpt the king chess piece and carry it to the “hand on throne” then place it

after doing so a crafting tab will appear showing acquirements

- gears 10

-  purple gem 3

- nightmare fuel 5

after the structure has been repaired with the items, the stricter will become more machine like.

wait until a new moon and then the structures gears will start moving until the morning when the structure becomes the clockwork king as the neck will form a shadowy and familiar head

move speed

- slow

combat movement

:Shadow vomit: the clockwork king head will vomit out a ball of nightmare fuel which can cause the player damage if hit by it, if the ball misses and hits a plant based object can corrupt it 

bush -> disease 50/50

Flowers -> evil 50/50

grass -> disease 50/50

twig -> disease 50/50

:kings men: the clockwork king will and I quote “pop and clockwork pawn behind him” and will work as a homing device against the survivor and will nibble at them dealing tiny amount of damage, they are however easy to kill

:grab: the clock work king will summon a hand which will grab hold of the survivor and drag them towards him

:stump: it will lift its chair like legs and proceed to stump on the player 

- reward 

once you killed the clockwork king, it will drop the kings crown

- how to use the crown

once wearing the crown it can protect you from sanity drains caused by any type of magic item

it also has no durability 

- how to summon the clockwork queen

before you you can do anything you must acquire the end table

once you have, you can carry the rose vase towards the table and place it

then a crafting tab will appear showing acquirements

- 15 flower pedals

- 10 nightmare fuel

- queen chess piece

once the task has been done, you must wait until a full moon

when the time comes one more tab will appear and all you need is a purple gem

once the deed is done, wait until morning and then the structure will have more flowers on it and much like the clockwork king will grow a shadowy but familiar head 

Move speed

Slow + fast

combat movement

:rose wall: the clockwork queen will make a wall around her made of rose vines, player must damage the wall so they can get to the queen

:thorn burst: the clockwork queen will send out a wave of thorns that can deal damage

:checkmate: the clockwork queen will summon shadowy spaces around the ground, if a player were to stand in it the space will deal sanity damage which is a danger because the more insane you are the more damage the queen can do to you

:gem turret: the clock work queen will toss a purple gem which once landed on the ground will float and start firing magic at the survivor

:quick play: the clockwork queen will reveal stage hand legs under the table and will do a rush attack towards the player if they try to escape the queen

:passive effect: the clockwork queen will as she moves drops evil flowers behind her

- reward

once you killed the clockwork queen, the rose staff

- how to use the rose staff

once wielded, the staff can reset item durability for the price of sanity, make plants grow right away for the price of sanity, heal players for the price of sanity, can heal other players sanity for the price for sanity,

doesn’t have a durability 

so that’s my clockwork queen and king ideas,

anyone want to give me any feedback.










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